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  1. Would it possible to take the Saiga receiver and a complete parts kit with a new barrel and not have the bolt/carrier problem?or is it the receiver that makes the problem?
  2. Thanks everyone for all the help,I'll continue reading and trying to learn more.
  3. Can you buy complete parts kits that don't include the barrel?I'd be better off that way(never put a gun back together for scrach)and would save me a lot of trouble knowing I have all the parts I need
  4. Yes it still has the gas block and front sight and it has been converted.will make a nice gun if I can find all the parts to get it back together.
  5. Hi everyone,I've got a Saiga 7.62X39 that has been striped down to only the receiver,barrel,and stock.I don't have any parts at all.After alot of reading it dosen't sound like it can be put back together(no replacement bolts avalible)but I though I would ask to be on the safe side.Thanks for any help you can give a newbee
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