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  1. Im ok man. sorry i didnt pm u back in feb. ive been with out inna net access . BUt i have upgraded to dial up now. I havent closed on the house yet but i should in about 3 weeks. OOHH What should i spend that refund on ill get next year, I can hardly wait.
  2. Hello everybody. How yall been doing? Ive been away for quite awhile, but im back now. How you been doing juggs?? and cobra?? whats new in the saiga world? I see arsenal of nv is importing now. I had bad money problems and had to sell almost all my guns. i think i have like 8 left. nope just counted them and i have 7.5 lol i need some parts for my arasaka. BUT; i hope to be buying a couple soon. I just need to close on my house.
  3. TheGunHustler

    WTS SET of MD 20 DRUMS

    well dude lied to your about va. I have 2 md 20 drums and they ARE legal HERE in Va. the ONLY thing we cannot have is a striker 12. oh well i am glad you were able to sell them and provide a christmas for your kids. THAT is awesome. I have done the same in the past.
  4. TheGunHustler

    +1 for 324time

    great to do bussness with.
  5. TheGunHustler

    saiga 7.62x39 dealer

    hell yeah i have bought over 10 rifles from them over the past 8 years. I normally just go there house and not bother with the gun show. they have the best prices i have ever seen as far as sks and ak is concerned. I traded them a glock 19 carbine with ammo and 60 bucks and got a tantal
  6. dark sun surplus here in richmond had saiga 7.62x39 with dimples and x and y markings last month it was 266.00 i think. I saw them at the gunshow. I am not sure if they will ship or not but it is worth a call. make sure you ask for the dimples and x and y his number is. 804-272-3026 ask for dave jarrett
  7. lol I do not have access to a computer at work sorry I took so long to post a link
  8. Here is a link to what is going on it dosent say about race but channel 12 news in richmond was the first to report it as a racial murder the day it happend. i bleave they have pulled the video from the web site because i cannot find it. if you have high speed internet you may be able to find it. They said there had been race tension at the high school since 2006 i think. i am not sure about the year. here is a link to the powhatan web site. it makes no mention of a racial murder yet. link
  9. TheGunHustler

    Gauging interest

    just to add i just bought a dimpled x and y receiver saiga for 266.00 nib with tax
  10. TheGunHustler

    Gauging interest

    e mail sent with offer no pix needed
  11. Hello i just herd on the news yesterday that a young black man was shot with an ak47 type gun in powhatan va. he was shot buy a group of three white teenagers. it was race motavated. i will post a link to a news artical later today. From what i understand there has been race tension at the high school for about 2 years. i will up date later
  12. TheGunHustler

    A BIG -1 for jellidude

    Oh i forgot to mention Corkey the address is not the same. they are about 35 miles apart. if you had did your investigation right you would have found that out. I have washed my hands of this. cobra and juggs pm inbound
  13. TheGunHustler

    A BIG -1 for jellidude

    And if he was not so fucking stupid he would see that i have not logged in to that account in well over a year . if you wernt so fucking stupid you would have realized that if you checked my profile. i dont even know the password to that account. Dude you are a fucking ass hat and a jerk. And further more i never contacted you on that account. Are you just as retarded as Corkey or what? Also you are trying to justify why you tried to screw me out of my parts and get paid. But, i am not a stupid hillbilly like you thought i was. He must be related to the fucking nazi Mc Uzi who was banned for being an ass hole as your self jellibrain. and and juggs the 5 week was he could not figure out how to work google.
  14. saiga 308 mag w/ us floor plate.. 1 compliance part!!!!!!!........... 28. shipped sold and shipped cold steel receiver bend for bulgy side folder...... 25. shipped sold and shipped red bakelite grip it was sold to me as polish but the diamonds are inverted. but it looks to nich to be romy .... 13. shipped sold and shipped first ill take it rules
  15. i think i still have one in my garage in a box O parts. ill look tomorrow and let you know.