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  1. GTwannabe

    5.45 no need for bullet guide?

    The factory 10 rounder has a built-in guide at the front. You need to file that down to match the surplus mags.
  2. GTwannabe

    5.45 no need for bullet guide?

    You should install one; prevents bullet setback from hitting the barrel shoulder and last round jams.
  3. GTwannabe

    The 5.45x39 picture thread

    Saiga 5.45 with PK-AS
  4. Thread resurrect! I got burned on a 1P78 Kashtan: http://www.ar15.com/forums/topic.html?b=4&f=56&t=129342 Cliff notes: - received scope with 5 defects (missing chunks and extra blobs) in reticle - returned scope for exchange - second scope has defective lens cover; will not latch closed and flops back and forth - returned second scope - Kalinka is selling my 1st scope as blemished for $30 less - Kalinka claims second scope was perfect when shipped, claims I violated their return/replacement policy by "modifying" it and will only return it to me. Screw Andrew and his defective junk.
  5. GTwannabe

    Purchasing my first gun tomorrow, Saiga 5.45

    The Atlantic ad is wrong... it comes with a 10 round mag. You can get free shipping from Atlantic if you tell them you are a member here and ask for the code.
  6. I had no trouble drilling through the trunnion with my crappy 7.2v cordless drill and a cobalt bit. The trigger plate rivets were much harder and required moderate downward pressure to make progress.
  7. GTwannabe

    These mags wont work will they?

    Citristrip + brass wool takes that nasty paint right off. There are sanitized Soviet plums hiding underneath the paint.
  8. GTwannabe

    +3 for Dinzag and his bullet guides

    Finished up the install on my 5.45 bg tonight. I had a problem seating mags with the guide bolted down. Picked up some aluminum tape today and shimmed the bottom of the guide with 3 strips. Guide now sits at the correct height and all my magazines seat properly. Applied blue loc-tite to the bolt and the gun hand-cycles flawlessly.
  9. GTwannabe

    Bolt on LHG retainers

    Alright, I finally fixed it. I took some epoxy putty and packed it into the rear of the lower handguard retainer. I then formed it into lugs that hold down the front tab on the handguard. It's rock solid now.
  10. GTwannabe

    Bolt on LHG retainers

    It looks like this: There is no barrel clip, just a heat shield.
  11. GTwannabe

    Bolt on LHG retainers

    It's a K-Var lower handguard: As far as I can tell, the only thing that prevents it from rocking up is friction between the upper tabs and the lower handguard retainer.
  12. GTwannabe

    Bolt on LHG retainers

    I've been tinkering with my broken CSS handguard retainer tonight. Even with the cracked ear, I can still bolt it on tight to the barrel. However, the original problem of the front of the lower handguard rocking up and down still exists. It looks like a design flaw since nothing limits upward travel of the lower HG. I found a different design lower HG retainer at Copes Distributing: Note the tabs to retain the lower HG vertically. Now the CSS: Nothing. I would buy Dinzag's bolt-on, but it appears to have the same problem: I'd really hate to blow $90 on Dinzag's retainer and not have it work any better than the broken part I'm using right now. I think my best bet now would be to buy the Copes part, dremel-fu it like my broken CSS, then anneal it so it doesn't crack during install.
  13. GTwannabe


    When did you check? I got mine from Atlantic ~2 weeks ago. Also got free shipping for being a forum member.
  14. GTwannabe

    BHO and Gas Piston Questions on 7.62 x 39

    A large trash bag twist-tie works better than dental floss.
  15. GTwannabe

    Bolt on LHG retainers

    I didn't squeeze it that hard; just enough to straighten the ears. It looks like metal fatigue from all the bending required to get the ears over the barrel.