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  1. I think it is advertised as polymer coated now. I've fed several hundred rounds through my .308 Saiga without a problem. I havn't tried the 7.62x39.
  2. Thanks nalioth. Thats how I'll do it.
  3. I clean 'em after every session too. I take very good care of my equipment. I just have no experience with corrosive ammo and I am given to understand that the cleaning regimen is different but I have yet to speak to anyone who actually uses the stuff. I take it from what I've read so far that I should presume corrosive with this can.Since you shoot corrosive ammo,what do you do differently if anything than when you clean after shooting non-corrosive? As for the search feature,yep it's helpful but I didn't find anything that answered my original question well enough to satisfy me. I'll try it again. Thanks for the replies!
  4. My boss picked up a 520 round tin of 7.62x51 ball at a garage sale figuring I would want it. Of course I did! I am guessing that it is Norinco based on some threads that came up on the search. It is copper colored steel (sticks to a magnet) and has the numbers 61 and 92 on the head stamp. The tin has no identification other than 48-92-61 7.62x51 Ball. Any of you know anything about it? I'm wondering if it's corrosive. I always keep my guns clean but I have never dealt with corrosive ammo. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  5. Wow! You ain't one to sit around! Great deal! You will be pleased that you didn't hold on to that old trigger. It took so long for me to pull that thing that I flinched two or three times before it fired.
  6. I purchased a new triggerguard from Dinzag and placed it where it would sit behind the mag release. I then put my pistol grip in place behind the trigger guard and marked the the center of the pg hole. I placed the pg nut on that mark and slowly used a Dremel with a cutoff wheel to make a hole that would accept the pg nut. Not very scientific but it worked very well. I hope I was more clear than mud! I'll bet someone out there has a better way but I had good results. I'm not good at explaining things but if you just put the hardware where it will be mounted,you can make a pretty good template. Its not as bad as it sounds.
  7. I have a .223 and a .308 . I didn't like either trigger but I felt the .308 was far worse. For me the conversion was the only way to go. The PG hole is no sweat and the end result is so much better. I would never have used the.308 without it and now I am so pleased with it I usually carry it with me every day. ( Lots of hogs and coyotes to impress)
  8. Mine measures 17.50 millimeters according to my calipers. It is good advice to call Dinzag. Good luck and have fun with your Saiga!
  9. has not set their status

  10. I bought my FCG from Dinzag. Didn't have to grind or weld anything, it was ready to drop in. I used a Tapco pistol grip and buttstock. No problems. Dinzag and Tapco are a pretty good kit in my opinion. This was my first conversion and I had few problems. My wifes .223 Saiga is next!
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