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  1. Good day, I have a 22" Saiga 308 that I have owned for years but never fired much because of a problem it has had. The bolt tears up the cases on the left side of the magazine when the bolt cycles. I recently heard that on Saigas this is due to a machining step on the bolt that was skipped on some bolts. The solution is to dremel the bolt yourself or supposedly you can send the bolt to RAA for a new one. I have tried searching with no success. What is the better option? If I dremel the bolt what do I need to dremel and how much or if I contact RAA to fix it what do I tell them and who
  2. OOOOO, big talk from someone at a keyboard hundreds of miles away from me, I'm scared. Read through this thread and see who started calling names first. I called into questions your claims of the POSP being unusable for the .223. You resorted to name calling. I know your statements are crap not only from a ballistics standpoint, yes the 7.62x39 drops more than .223 but no so much to make the drop points unusable, but from personal experience. I used my 6x42 POSP, that I have on my 7.62x39, on my .223 to good effect. It works, it's useful. I've gotten useful feedback from other forums a
  3. OK I now have to call bullshit on your claims. .223 shoots flatter than 7.62x39, but it's not THAT flat a shooting cartridge. Your claim that "downloaded 223 still has about half the bullet drop of 7.62x39." stinks so bad I can't even get close to it. Please explain to me how a reduced 55 grain .223 round traveling at a 2600 fps mv can have "half the bullet drop of 7.62x39" when the 7.62x39 has a mv of around 2400 fps and a better BC to boot. The .223 is a bullet, not a laser beam. At 250 yard there is a grand total of 7" of difference between the two. The advantage of th
  4. I find the drop comp to be quite useful. I temporarily put my 6x42 from my 7.62x39 onto my .223 and played around with it. You just have to take the time to find what range the chevrons correspond to. Just like you should with ANY SCOPE YOU HAVE, POSP or not. Don't take the manuals word, find out yourself so you are confident with the gun/scope combo. You can't just plunk a scope onto a gun and expect it to do all the work for you right off the bat.
  5. Yea, I like the compact size of the 24mm objective and am hoping that the lighter weight/more compact package is an acceptable trade off. Though I am still worried about the brightness of the picture through the scope so I may just get a 6x42 and be done with it I'm going to be shooting reduced charge .223 in this gun for better suppression. (Yes Yes I know the AK isn't the idea suppressed weapons platform, but it will cycle decently with proper reduced charges and the backpressure of a can will further improve this.) Thus the drop compensator will be more important because it won't shoot
  6. I'm looking at a scope for my 16" .223 Siaga that I have done the .223 magazine conversion to. I'm looking at buying through East Wave as I have had good experience with them in the past and they have good prices. I have a 6x42 POSP on my Siaga 7.62x39 and a 8x42 POSP on my Saiga 308. I like the turrets, reticle, and brightness the POSP gives. However I'm seriously looking at the 6x24 as a lighter and more compact alternative. My only questions is how much dimmer will the view through the scope be? Evening/night view? Any other advantages/disadvantages to the 6x24 vs the 6x42? /Thanks
  7. I'm looking around for mags and realized that a good way to make up for the fact that I don't have many Saiga 223 mags is to simply put my ammo into clips so I can load the mags faster. The 223 clips are easy enough to find. What I am having trouble finding is the clip guide for the magazine. Plenty of AR guides, but none for 223 AK/Galil. I plan on eventually moding Galil mags and adding a feed ramp, so if the guide would work with both that would be great. (Yes I know about 922 compliance.) Thanks for your help everyone.
  8. True, but rapid fire with the 30 carbine is easier and reloading 30 carbine is much cheaper than 7.62x39. I finaly got my M1 Carbine fixed so the brass is gona be flying.
  9. Geze, good info, but he sure has something against the 20 Gauge. Some of us want to be able to use our hands and arms after we shoot. It's always fun to watch people like that get all pissy when they get beaten by someone with something smaller/cheaper/lighter/etc.
  10. I have the Privi Partisan ammo in 7.5x55 for my K-31. The ammo is good and the brass is great for reloading.
  11. Goodie. I was hoping it was a twist like 1-25". Have a mix of 4 and 10 shot magazines and some 300 grain hunting loads and a person would be set.
  12. Want me to look in the load manuals and post what loads a customer (me) would be likely to use? 444 Marlin can use powder from all over the burning rate map. Hope that isn't a problem.
  13. Guess what I found at the range a few months ago in the trash can when I was picking up brass? Package one: Package two: Inside one of the boxes. The other box was stuffed full of FBI brass.
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