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  1. I flew into NY at midnight, and sat on the park bench at Newark airport until the sun came up. Gave me a little time to get my paper work in order. I was doing Telecommunication engineering at the time. Watched the towers get hit and fall. Complete chaos at the airport, people running out all at once. I hoped on the bumper of a bus headed to the hertz car rental, got the last car they had, and drove to Greenwich, Connecticut to hang out with a friend from Arkansas. Got a call around 3pm that day and had to go to the Verizon building across from the towers. After 6 or 7 check points, I got there, picked up some test equipment and went to Garden City to try to get some of the ATM lines back up and going. When the towers fell, it severed most of the communication lines on the East Coast. That's why everybody's calls were getting dropped. My friends and co workers from Arkansas called me right after the 1st plane hit the tower. I told them get your go bag and get to the mountain. A spot were we had prepared in case of an all out attack around Allred Arkansas in the middle of no where. Man I was stuck in NY with no way to get my go bag, get home, and was in a large city under attack. I never have felt so helpless in my life. What a nightmare, I was supposed to be home by the 12th so I could pallbearer for my wife's father who had just passed, but couldn't get back home. I took the 1st flight I could get out of Hartford Connecticut, and was in Brazil and Canada for the next 6 weeks. I'll never forget that day, or how bad I wanted payback. I had heard the name Osama Ben Laden back on New Years 1996 when I took 2 exchange students out for New Years. Turns out it was the son of President Musharraf of Pakistan and a guy from Yemen. The Yemen guy hated America and asked me if I had ever heard of OBL, I answered no, and he said YOU WILL> I Heard it all right. Payback is a bitch too.... edited for spelling
  2. Good God, there is life after death. I started lurking here late 2005 but didn't post until after I had converted my Saiga late 2008. The old days were exciting, All the mud slinging member to member, (Fight Club) and cut em up from the vendors, when the shipping boxes were too big. I thought all you had to do was remove and replace a few parts with USA made stuff to pass back then. The more I added to it, the worse it got, until I really started READING what all you guys were saying back then. HOW TO TUNE and CUSTOMIZE your Saiga. It is now my favorite shotgun I own. I have several. But nothing eats shells of whatever I put down it like my Saiga has. It gives a whole new definition of what a fun gun can be. Best of all, kinda like Burger King, I have it my way. It never would have gotten as far as it has without the expert tips, help, and parts from members, and vendors of this forum, I THANK YOU ALL for your contributions. Over the last year I am truly back from the dead, heart attack, colon removal, shingles, what a rough year it's been, but I still get a grin coming back here. I left the hospital in January and a week later I put a 5 round mag of 3" slugs in my Saiga to see if I could still shoot 5 in less than 3 sec. It sat me on my ass, but I got up with a giant hell yea, and a grin. I had lost about 65lbs, from 180 down to 123 lbs. Steadily getting back to normal, and hope to be well, and completely healed by this time next year. Cheers to all!!!!!
  3. Looking to start a new project. Need a Saiga 410 preferably with bolt hold open. If you have one to sell, or know someone who does, Please reply. Razorback
  4. I could have sworn, I saw him lurking around because all the snow went east!!!!
  5. Off the top of whats left of my head, I have been wondering about how easy or hard it is to actually see from the bridge or control room if it's under the deck.? The old WW2 ships had a real maned bridge that was vulnerable to attack by anything that could hit it. Is there an actual bridge with controls on those aegis class ships? I am pretty certain it has probably had manned lookouts on deck and possibly a manned bridge above deck, but have never seen one up close or been aboard one. This post is strictly an easy chair in the living room uninformed speculation from me. Either they didn't see the other ships they impacted with, decided to OLD GUY the ship and make the other guy get out of my way, I'm US NAVY, and "I have the right of way here", or what the hell are they on, oxy or too much weed, wow man watch this! Or is dude on Twitter, Facebook, ect.... ooops sorry I was texting! I really don't what else to post, this is a set of really strange circumstances separated by a very short time. Under staffing and training played a large role in this. IMHO God Bless our Armed Forces, and many Thank You's for your service, to all of you that have served, or are currently serving. I hope this RNK (North Korea) still in the state of war since 1953, doesn't get any further out of hand. Our Armed Services are all in need of upgrades and equipment, hopefully they will begin to receive everything that they really need really soon. Razorback
  6. Way tooo much Uzi Stuff, this uzi is now a tax stamped 8 caliber, SBR with 2 visible and 1 infrared lasers EoTech 552/LBC2 that I am completing the testing on the final 2 calibers, then off to be ceracoated. My next purchase will a one off design custom AlumaliteUSA barrel shroud with a rail on top, end threaded, railed bottom, with a front slot for my bayonet lug to complete my Saiga after new years. So it's been a long time since I posted, How are all you guys and gals I used to post with? I've been tooo ill to post for the last 5 years, but I'm back up on my feet, and 6 feet above , beats 6 feet below everysingle day! Thank You Saiga 12 community! I've really been missing out with this Forum and community.
  7. I caught this guy in my yard again, but this time I got the drop on him. I think he's smiling because he's really got me out gunned, and has an MD-20 full of slugs. he he Be on the lookout , he or his friends always seem to show up in snowy weather!!!
  8. Razorback


    Here is a link, http://stores.csspecs.com/saiga-12-gauge/ They're built tough as a tank!! It took a little filing to get it to fit my 08 vodka special, but it's the best built magazine compared to the other US made plastic stick magazines by a longshot!!! Highly recommended.!!!!
  9. Happy Birthday!!!!! I hope you at least get a day or night off and thanks for all of your help. Just what would you get the man who has everything a man could want? (not just owns a Tromix, he is Tromix!!!)
  10. BUY WITH CONFIDENCE!!!! Great transaction, and superfast shipping. Items were better than described and arrived a day early. Thank You again, and I look forward to doing business with you again!!!
  11. Big difference between unsuspecting and being aware of your surroundings. Make direct eye contact and make sure you don't present yourself as a victim. 90% of crime, being hit on by beggars and surrounded by groups can be avoided by self/situation awareness. 750,000 airline miles later my co-workers who traveled with me on international jobs all said the same thing. Why don't those people ever come up and beg from you, avoid eye contact with you and never approach you in as a group? I found that it works everywhere, not just in "their" country. imho edited for spelling and added miles
  12. Razorback

    SA M1A .308win, Standard, Walnut

    Bi Pod, scope mount, good glass, and lots of ammo, list goes on and on. I am adding an M-21 stock this year from Springfield, kinda like the adjustable cheek piece. It's been the gift that truly keeps giving!!!
  13. Razorback

    SA M1A .308win, Standard, Walnut

    Sweet purchase, You won't be dissapointed! Mine just keeps putting a smile on my face everytime I hit the range with it. M1A NM loaded woo hoo!!!!
  14. Thanks for the concern Razorback! We're all OK in Manila as the Typhoon was well South of us (although we did get the edges of it). Had it hit us; it would gave been a bad fucking train wreck. Our concerns right now go out to our brethren in the Visayas and the all the help the US Navy and Marines have sent and are sending are MOST APPRECIATED!!! -rastamanila Our prayers are going out to all effected! I hope the food water medicine and shelter will be enough and soon enough. Razorback Reply