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  1. so i received a package today. inside where 60 rnds of 1992 production steel cased copper washed ammo. does any one have any info on them? also what would you do? hold onto them, or shoot them? the packs are marked 2 3/4 " but they are actually longer than 3" mags (see pic) they would require a little trimming to fit in a saiga mag. which wouldnt be a big deal as the plug sits low in the case. the extra length is just empty case.
  2. Mfs 174 gr fmj 6.00 per box Wpa polyformance 174 gr fmj 6.00 per box Barnaul 203 gr sp 8.00 per box Bear (silver and brown) 7.00 per box Wolf 6.00 per box. Or buy the whole lot for 60.00 Open to offers. Buyer pays shipping. Will happily combine shipping on other items I am selling. via Imgflip Meme Generator
  3. I have 6. 20 rounds packs of 7n1 for sale. Looking to get 30.00 a pack. Or buy them all for 165.00. Buyer pays shipping.
  4. psl sniper

    wts unconverted saiga 12.

    item is cross posted.
  5. psl sniper

    lots of new members

    is it me or are we getting ALOT of new members? to all the new guys. WELCOME! . congradulations on youre new hobby/obsession. the saiga 12 is an awsome shotgun, and with a little work can be one of the most reliable shotguns you own. but... please....do us all a favor DO A SEARCH BEFORE STARTING THREADS. heres some common ones failure to feed failure to eject (most common) opening gas ports. DONT GET ME WRONG. im glad you all are here, its a great community with TONS of information. but repeating that information on a weekly basis gets tedious. all the info you could ever want is on this forum. its just a quick search away. i personally learned everything i needed to know for my saiga, by simply doing a quick search of the info at hand. also when a member who has been here awhile, gives you a link to the info, then tells you do do a search. dont jump down his throat, he gave you what you needed. he just gave you more info about the search feature (yeoldetool you know what im talking about) again im thrilled at all the new members, and youve all come to the right place. but please help us help you, by first taking some initiative and doing a quick search. also to some of the senior members, lets have a little patience. i know it gets to be a PITA. but we need to remeber we where all new members once too. i am now done with my rant enjoy!
  6. psl sniper

    wts svt 40 reciever

    Lol no sir. Long gone.
  7. I have a nice svt 40 reciever with rear sight block. It does not have the scope rails. Bluing is very nice. Looking to get 150.00 (OBO) plus sh. must ship to ffl. item is cross posted.
  8. psl sniper

    RIP, Beefcakeb0

    copied the last message i had with him. very sad, wish i got over here more often. sucks big time. Sent 21 August 2014 - 01:28 PM its been awhile since ive been over here. hows life? https://groups.yahoo...Live_Steel/info Reply Report Edit Delete beefcakeb0 beefcakeb0Top Member Chat Moderator 2,017 posts Gender:Male Location:Bristol, Tn Sent 24 August 2014 - 08:16 PM meh, its all mountains and valleys man. single life/bachelor... student again...got a new laptop but truck needs work, new glock bought myself for my bday. just life. and you?
  9. Have ndm 86/dragunov svd dust cover. No spring. Just the cover. No serial #s im not even sure who makes it. It does fit on my ndm 86 and functions. It looks like someone did some filing on one side of the spring catch (see pics) i have no idea what its worth so im going to throw out 100.00 or best offer. item is cross posted.
  10. psl sniper

    Why is this hanging down?

    i filed mine down after conversion. you dont realize how low it sits untill its right by your finger.
  11. psl sniper

    TIGR/SVD owners

    I sold the last one i had for 350.00 they are hard to find for sure.I would definantly not put an aluminum one on there. But thats me.
  12. psl sniper

    FS: Brand New Saiga 12 Bolt

    this went south quickly. hope the seller doesnt run afowl of any problems.
  13. Looking to sell a steel Magazine for a glock 9mm. Its a 30 rounder. other than that dont know much else about it. Has been repainted on one side (see pic) Would be great for a carbine. Looking to get 15.00 shipped obo. I accept discreet paypal or money order.
  14. psl sniper

    ok last one question

    only if its tactical... never know when you may get thirsty. i also recomend the beer holster. need at least a 6 pack on the belt in a shtf scenario.
  15. psl sniper

    Shells not ejecting properly

    then i must have been under one as well. first ive heard of it........been too busy playing with my svd....
  16. psl sniper

    FS: Brand New Saiga 12 Bolt

    would you accept 2 chickens and a squirrel?
  17. no longer available for purchase.......
  18. psl sniper

    SVD Dragunov stock on S-12?

    I don't know about "fun", but it would take a lot money and machinery, not to mention you would need detailed plans for every single part from the receiver all the way to the FH. there is no rifle out there that even comes close to a SVD where you can take parts off that or modify parts. very true i own and ndm 86 in 54r (chinese dragunov) and a saiga 12. you are talking alot of custom made parts.
  19. psl sniper

    Catamount fury tear down and review

    i added a vepr 12 magwell to mine and it worked fairly well. i recently sold the whole thing, so no more real input on my part.
  20. looking for a bare bones s12 for a project, wasnt sure if any companies still had them in stock. (aside from gunbroker) thanks.
  21. psl sniper

    anyone still selling unconverted s12's?

    pm sent.