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  1. Well in my town we have a pepboy next to an advance auto parts and an autozone. Literally the entrances to these estalishments are all lined next to each other. These chains also have other locations no more than 15 min away. Trying to share a shrinking market will be the most significant factor to their deline. Dont lose all faith in this generation. Everyone is trying to save a buck now a days which has incouraged diy repairs and youtube makes this an ever increasing option. I have a old lexus and have done several thousand of repairs. Im not handy just good at googling.
  2. Hey Guys, been a while. To keep things short... I was at the range shooting SGL31 which has been flawless through 8K rounds. While shooting I had two malfunctions and also a failure to extract out of the chamber. Cleared them thinking it was a weird anomaly and on the next 2 or 3 rounds a case was stuck in the chamber bad. After destroying several cleaning rods and even getting one stuck in the barrel for a while a nice veteran helped me dig the case out with a sharp flat head. I later googled to see if anyone else has had a similar experience and it seems that there are several reports of the ammo not running right. There was even a guy who took dimension of the case and said the case neck or mouth was a hair thick. I contacted Century aka RSA to see what they had to say:
  3. Send me a PM I am not to far south from you ATL just got my tax refund and I am not Arab.
  4. I am almost done with my spam can of 5.45. When I am it will be ~7,000 rounds through my sgl31. I havnt treated here like I should of. No rust and the barrel is appears to look great but there is a heavy build-up of carbon on the crown and in the muzzle device. Guns been flawless except for one over the beach test with crappy transparent mag. I havnt kept up with my saiga 12s round count but if i had to guess i would say 3k. With a quarter of that being slugs. I rarely clean her and she is super reliable almost more so dirty. The barrel has carbon/lead streaks in it. Im getting the drill and brass brush out this weekend in hopes of getting it back to that mirror shine. Wow when i think about it i could have double arsenal if i didnt shoot so much or maybe a down payment on a car.
  5. They are not just good for collecting. They are accurate and reliable. I picked mine up at local pawn shops. My old bluing on my bulgarian is turning a purplish plum. I am starting to think about cerakoting it.
  6. East German 1960/Bulgarian circle 10 My favorite Handguns to shoot!
  7. Xbox Gamertag: ModalBrute6280 Always lookin for people to play with. I do alot of missions.
  8. I would recommend the mini monster as a muzzle device. I have held out for years waiting for a realistic magazine. I have tried promag which has caused reliability issues. I have also snapped surefires out of my gun. So I am holding out for csspecs steel mags and saving for some russian 8 rounders from Legion. All the other American mags are just cheap plastic molds JMO. I also have a promag drum but it has never worked on the other hand everyone else has seemed happy with theirs. MD arms rules the drum world. Shoot your gun alot. Most will fail to function with light loads and an occasional magnum load but be patient. Of the three S12 I have own I have had to do no work to get them reliable besides your usual break ins. What ever you do don't give up early and spend tons of money on work to get it running right. The best way to test reliability/functionality is with the stock five rounder. Welcome to the Forum!!!
  9. I just bought a yugo M88 basically a commander style tok in 9mm. It is built rather well. The safety seems safe. I have yet to have a malfunction. So my vote is for the Yugo
  10. They also had two 7.62 saigas these were all new recent imports. And no im not confused with the catamount fury. In my metro atlanta area there has been no lack of S12s in stores or shows. They dont seem to be flying off the shelf since they never seem to work right out of the box. (Sarcasm). The toughest thing for me to find are any of the rifles.
  11. I saw three Saiga 12s at the gun store yesterday. They had a little bit of a different feel to them fit and finish wise. I dont remember the importers but they were $750.
  12. Last week I finally decided to refinish my two sets of Bulgarian AK74 furniture that I bought from apex for the low price of $25. Sadly they have gone up in price. It was real simple even for me a college kid with very little crafting skills. If you want to know the steps here they are in a nutshell. I read a lot of threads and picked and chose my own process based on available materials. First I stripped the furniture with citristrip. It only took one round for the buttstock but two rounds for the hand guards. After removing all the finish I went over the wood with a series of different grain sand paper from most coarse to least. I used a minwax prestain treatment I then stained the stock two or three times with Red Oak. (I wanted a redish look but it turned more brown which I have come to really like) With the darker color stain it made it easier to color match all the pieces. I then put 3 or 4 layers of truoil on buffing the wood with 0000 steel wool in between layers. The stock set on the right is my second set and is currently being finished in minwax gunstock. I will post picks when finished. I absolutely love my SGL31. I have put 6k rounds through it in two years. Unfortunately it is becoming easier to tell how used it is especially the muzzle brake and muzzle crown. Both are caked with what appears to be carbon and lead. I almost have a baffle forming inside the brake right after the threads. I have tried soaking both in hoppes and break free but have not been able to melt the stuff off. If you guys have any recommendations let me know. If your wondering I have neglected this rifle after many shoots and dunked it in rivers and mud with zero adverse effects due to corrosive ammo. I have really come to love the forum over the couple of years perusing it and I like to thank you all for turning me into a well rounded Russian obsessed gun nut.
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