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  1. It's uplifting to hear of someone being able to fight there demons and win, it sounds like your family was worth fighting for to him. If he helped to shape your character in any way he must have been a good man. Sorry for your loss Chile.
  2. Sorry for your loss Shannon. It's too bad to see this happen to such a good person, may you rest in peace Sandi.
  3. Frozen tomatoes are amazing out of a spud gun or black powder cannon! Coat the inside of a short piece of barrel diameter pipe with grease or oil, insert tomato and freeze. They slide right out. A small cooler will hold a LOT of ammo. They hold together very well upon impact. Quite destructive. Cool idea, I will have to try that! I haven't made a spud gun in years, now I think I will.
  4. Thanks for the chart Patriot! I think I'll print it out to hang on my gun safe.
  5. Thanks YOT, I will clean it before I shoot it. I always check the barrel for sizeable obstructions before shooting anyways.
  6. Haha, not if you freeze them first...duh I thought everyone knew that! I will check the barrel, thank you Patriot. Could I check the end of the barrel with calipers?
  7. Hi, I just bought back a Saiga 20 that I sold a few years ago to a friend and I've only ever shot birdshot out of it. My questions are, is there any versions (this shotgun has some years on it) that cannot fire slugs and if so how do find out if that is what I own? Also should I clean the barrel before shooting slugs? This shotguns barrel is not threaded and does not have any muzzle devices on it either. Any help or advise would be much appreciated. Bullseyeboy-
  8. This is great news! Thank you for sharing this experience with us in such detail. I hope everything works out for you.
  9. I only have experience with 2 of the rifles on your list, and one of them I only put one shot through. I own a weatherby vanguard in 7mms rem mag that I've shot a fair amount. The other rifle is the ruger American in 7mm-08. I bought the vanguard because I had sold my previous hunting rifle in 300wsm and I needed something to replace it. I found the vanguard for cheap money and decided to give it a try. This is the 1st rifle I have ever bothered to break the barrel in on and it seems to have paid off, it shoots very well at 100 yards despite my lack of practice with rifles. The other thing
  10. Are the AK fire control parts US made by any chance?
  11. Something I've always wondered but never have a good enough red dot to try it out is, if you mount a red dot optic forward does the dot itself appear smaller in relation to the target? If so does it make any difference in accuracy? The reason I ask this is because I've come across some good deals on some 6-8moa red dots but never pulled the trigger on buying one because I can shoot better than 6-8moa with my iron sights, so I always ask myself what would be the point in investing in the red dot.
  12. Hey thanks for the heads up! I guess I wasn't paying attention to which plug was in the current reliability kit. I'll need to buy some other parts later and when I do I'll pick up a DPH plug off from you as well. Do you still offer the generation 1 performance pucs at all? If not why? I'm sorry I would just like to try one out but if the G2 is just plain better than I won't worry about it. Some of the other parts I'll be ordering are for a future S-308 conversion, is there any special parts I need to pay attention to like the fcg being different or something? Thanks again, Bullseyeboy
  13. So I ordered 3 parts from Carolina Shooters Supply on Labor Day and I received them on Friday. The 3 parts were the CSS Saiga 12 G2 performance puc, performance recoil spring and a Ace 1" recoil pad for my DPH stock. I didn't order the full kit because I already had and tested the V-plug. My goal with these parts was to be able to fire my MD20 reliably with Federal bulk birdshot and at times also Remington Nitro birdshot (which it doesn't usually have a problem with anyways) and the Winchester Sport 25rd packs. I've tested all 3 already with just the V-plug and only the Remington Nitro has bee
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