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  1. Glostamon

    Picture Post,lets see your 7.62x39

    My latest addition Conversion by RedJacket Firearms http://dsc.discovery.com/tv/sons-of-guns/ Handguard by "Fuglystick" http://www.thefuglystick.com/
  2. Glostamon

    +1000 for CSS

    Add me to the list of happy customers..instantanious shipping,prompt professional service. Thanks Greg!
  3. Glostamon

    Picture Post, Lets see your Saiga 12!

    My Massachusetts legal conversion. As previous posts mentioned I too am a big fan of the fuglystick.com handguard
  4. The people in the Mid-West are sure feelin it right now. The Blizzard of 78' was the storm of the century (IMHO)all other severe snowstorms are compared to it. For non snow events Katrina and the 91' Halloween (no name)OR "Perfect-Storm" were pretty big. I live in New England we get 15" of snow all the time,its not a "Big-Deal".