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  1. Hey in regards to your sling options, I use a SMG Tactical handguard with a "CQD Forward Sling Mount" positioned on the left side of the handguard. This seems to be the best option for a properly positioned sling on the 308, considering the VERY limited availability of ANY DECENT handguard and front sling mount options.
  2. Kalinka optics sells several psop scopes that come with a US military reticle option. The aren't 308 specific but they are certainly adequate.
  3. I love my mags, I got the extra-tough finish ones and they rule. Excellent customer service too, always emails me back asap to answer my questions.
  4. I love my Arsenal 2-stage from Dinzag.
  5. When you buy a new S12 it will come with the monte carlo hunting stock, not with a pistol grip.
  6. I originally got into Saigas for the 12, but got intrigued with the 308. After converting my 308, it became my favorite immediately. I was hitting steel out at 100yards 100% with the iron sights and not understanding how I had never been able to do this before and how I suddenly could now. It looks awesome, and I shoot it better than any other long gun I have ever tried now.
  7. I generally like his videos, but this one was a big disappointment. "SEGA SEGA SEGA", ONE lousy factory 5-rounder, comparing it to the AA-12 based solely on recoil during one-handed operation, and overall poor representation of the firearm in general from someone who is playing the whole "Russian" angle. I demanded another video with 20rd drum dumps until it catches fire.
  8. Buffalo Bore uses literally THE cheapest HPs on the market, "Montana Gold", which are not ideal for SD use imo....they fragment and shed/shred jacket even at low velocity. Doubletap is overpriced and doesn't seem to correctly advertise it's velocities. Underwood is definitely the best full-power 10mm ammo right now, priced well and great bullets and velocities. Hornady is the best of the commercial factory loads, and Cabelas even carries Critical Defense in 10mm. Still I would only consider Hornady medium strength loads, albeit still ideal for SD. I like the 200gr and the 165gr CD.
  9. Definitely leave a light coating of oil or rust protector. I have always stored my guns in a cool, dry place and treated with Eezox, which drys to a protective coating that doesn't gather dust. The only metal item I didn't treat was my Tapco AK sight adjustment tool, which actually got surface rust after only a few months. One treating of eezox and this hasn't happened since. I would HIGHLY recommend this CLP, especially if you want a dry finish. It has worked awesome on all my Glocks and Saigas.
  10. IronRonin

    1st S12

    This has been a good read, please keep us posted!!
  11. ...at least they're LRBHO...but still too high.
  12. Took it out today and it functioned 100% for 40 rounds. Shoots left, but I guess I just have to sight it. It's def just the gas tube that is crooked, I've studied it in the light like an OCD person several times. But seeing as how function was flawless, I cant complain. My first rifle, I love it.
  13. Ok cool, I had hoped so. I figure it's not exactly optimal, but as long as the gun will still function fine. I read elsewhere that this was a warning sign to look for. Glad yours is running strong.
  14. Hey guys, was lucky to find a brand new RAA Saiga 308 and got it shipped. Noticed when I brought it home that the gas tube is slightly canted to the right. The action works and feels fine, haven't shot it yet. Is this one of those normal "irregularities" of an Izhmash gun or is this something I should consider shipping back for warranty. I was going to post pics but it's difficult to see the tilt of the gas tube in a photo for some reason, I will post if need be. Anyone ever encounter this before or have a gun with a not so perfect gas tube that runs fine?
  15. The bulk pack box of Federal I just bought at Walmart says 1200fps on it...not 1290. Just sayin'! I have never tried the Win Uni because the Federal is the exact same price at Walmart and I've heard bad reviews about the stuff. But considering the specs on it are identical, I should give it a shot.
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