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  1. Thanks new to AK,s so I don't know much. Thanks Nine2Five does it bolt to the barrel?
  2. Anyone I emailed chaos woth no response
  3. Will the Saiga 7.62 version Chaos rail fit an Arsenal SG21 and does it bolt to the barrel? Thank you
  4. Will the Saiga 7.62 version Chaos rail fit an Arsenal SG21 and does it bolt to the barrel? Thank you
  5. Anybody do this how did it work? How easy was it to change out the Kreb's front sight post? Thanks for any info.
  6. I had the front sight ground off of my Saiga 12 and a truglow put in, at 25 yards it's great beyond that I can't hit anything at 50 yards I wasn't even on the target with slugs. I would prefer the new front sight to be adjusted with an ar sight tool, second I would like to put a tritium front post for night. Any one using the MAA front elevated sight or Saiga store elevated sight if so how did they work with the original rear sight, can you adjust them with an ar sight tool and change out the post. The kreb's sight has alot of GREAT info on here but same question can you adjust it with an ar s
  7. Link read all the info it says you must order this with the folding option it can't be done later http://www.mississippiautoarms.com/saiga-external-ergo-pistol-grip-kit-magpul-collapsible-black-p-509.html
  8. My Russian mag was like that to and still is grab the very bottom of the mag and try to seat it that worked for me.
  9. Anyone using a magpul folding stock from Mississipi Auto Arms? Any oppinions appreciated
  10. I am looking for a bolt on no mods to gun either trigger group or tang. Thank Buff_Dragon I am new to the whole Ak Saiga type of weapon all info is much appreciated.
  11. That's what I am looking at but to do a regular conversion moving the trigger group forward I think you have to cut the tang not sure??
  12. Looking to change out the original S12 stock to a factory setup stock that has a pistol grip and folding option. I don't want to do a conversion on this gun because if I cut the tang and want to go back to the factory setup I can't, it shoots accurate and reliable. I had Cadiz do the reliabilty service on the gun, install truglow sights, profile the bolt,thread for Rem chokes, I bought a KVAR side mount and Burris Fastfire and Chaos tri rail. My concern is length of pull on the stock I am 6' 1 with long arms what would be the longest pull factory setup stock and if I do decide to convert it ca
  13. I will not deal with anyone that doesn't have a contact phone number JMO
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