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  1. After installing my titan quad I kinda want to have sex with my Saiga. What a sexy piece of art that quad rail is!
  2. Ive got both my bonesteel stocks installed and they are both awesome! Good company!
  3. I ordered the 28th and have also been charged. I would assume it will be another few weeks before anything shows up.
  4. I caught the thread earlier and wanted to thank you. I ordered one this morning. I check all the vendors sites first, but they are all out. Anyway, Thanks for posting and scoring me a 12 rounder even though you got in trouble
  5. Gave the B fitting some more filing and it fits like a glove! I had to take off 1/16" roughly on B to make it work.
  6. I only have my factory 5 rounder to judge from but it fits perfect. I think I'm on the right path, just getting nervous because its not like its easy to just grab another drum these days. I had to leave but ill give it some more filing tonight and see what happens. Thanks
  7. Im trying to get this drum fitted. Ive filed 'A' until the drum fits up against the receiver. Ive measured the length of the mag release and Im about 1/16" away on the B fitting to get the mag release to lock in. According to the instructions that came with, this isnt very common. Any help? Id hate to take off a full 1/16" and ruin the drum.
  8. Maybe the government hijacked your browser and aren't letting you purchase any ammo :-p Our local Cabelas has been having a heck of a time keeping the shelves stocked.
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