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  1. Just some quick notes not sure if they were mentioned... 1. The guns were registered to his mom who he shot...she was responsible for the tools 2. This school had an extensive buzz in only policy and this guy got buzzed in by someone who knew him and his mom. 3. Having more guns may not prevent the violence but it may lower the body count...Bad guys are gonna snap sooner or later. 4.Because of the way he got the weapons no ampunt of law bs would have slowed him down.
  2. Well the ordinances changed so no more pumpkin shooting I was there n it was a drag...I will not pay to go to a range to a third party..that sounds fishy to me...is it private range?
  3. So it is the 3rd this saturday correct?...supposed to be the best weather all week around here. Anyone else headed out?
  4. OK Let's get a huge group together for the pumpkin shoot....
  5. I'm a vapor till the pumpkin shoot with too much work...not complaining of course just saying...lol
  6. I'm available on FRI the 21st... When ois the Pumpkin Shoot? I'm headed out there FRI 90% sure now.
  7. Too many variables to say if a CCW or two would have helped or hindered in this situation, so many what if's I am glad this ended as quickly as it did with no idea of what might have been if a police or hostage standoff...12 out of 50 plus hundreds more in theatre..I will thank God it wasn't worse.
  8. Now they say 12 dead and the guy had "sophisticated" booby traps at his apartment....this guy is gonna give some poor group a bad label.
  9. Well I would not drag my 8, 5 or 3 yr old to a movie they wanted to see that late let alone a action flick like Batman...this nutcase is the perfect example of why everyone should open carry or carry in general...I bet "if" someone engaged him they would have had to be very well trained or lucky...the guy unloaded then walked out...no hostage situation, so obviously your engagement would have been in the midst of shtf.
  10. Even with a CCW I read he had a vest, add to all the panic and pushing a head shot with your ccw...have fun with that. It definately sucked! Hope the people of Aurora can move on. What was someone doing at the theatre that late with an infant anyways? My thoughts exactly. I cannot believe not a single CCW was in that theater. I bet there were at least two or three but even trained people in a stressful environment can lose all the training they had and fall into the panic of the social shit storm.
  11. Sad day today....had to sell some guns to pay bills. I will miss all my toys but will still hang out to play nice with others.

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    2. swells08


      eeeh it was sell them or use them...so I figured I want to stay with the family instead of an 8x8...lol


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      If I had the extra funds, you could have pawned them to me for a while. Sorry man.

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      Been there, done that.


  12. Watching George Z. on Fox

  13. Absolutely. The men were still armed and still moving. They could have easily turned and started shooting back... and as a matter of fact I believe that one of the reasons they didn't stop to turn back is because all they kept hearing was 'BANG BANG BANG BANG'. Now, once they exited the store and were out of sight, going outside and continuing to chase them would put someone's claim to self defense into question. This older gentlemen performed superbly. He waited until he had an opportunity to draw and acted quickly and violently which gave him the edge over these punks. Thank you
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