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  1. Yeah, pretty sure thats what I'm gonna do. Thanks
  2. I haven't had a chance to zero my sgl21 yet. Usually in the past when I zeroed a rifle I tended to use the ammo that I used most frequently target shooting for zeroing despite the accuracy of that ammo. I was just wondering, is it better to use a more accurate ammo when zeroing, and will it have a major effect on shots with ammo that seems to be less accurate? For example, I have a lot of golden tiger, which is what I'll primarily shoot when I go to the range, but should I zero with it, or buy some of the more expensive such as american made loads which seem to be a little more accurate and zero with it even thought I won't be regulary shooting with it?
  3. Okay thanks for providing me with exactly the info I was looking for. You might know this, but did the stamped slr's come with spring loaded firing pins? And is there any advantage to having an akm spec bcg vs 74 spec bcg like in sgl's, when using it with the 7.62 round. It seems like the 74 was obviously designed to be able to fire the 5.45. So when they made the ak103 series they just created a 74 with a large bolt face, but pretty much everything else the same. Does the larger round have any effect on the 74 based parts which seem to be lighter or slimmed down compared to the akm parts?
  4. I understand what your saying, but how about the internal parts, do they too more resemble that of an ak47 or are they like the sgl21 which fires 7.62x39 but resembles the parts of the ak74? Just out of curiousity, is there some reason the Bulgarians abandoned the stamp reciever for the milled? Weren't the stamped better for quicker and cheaper production, in otherwords more cost efficient to provide to military and police? In incorporating some AK74 design improvements, were they trying to create something that has the best of all worlds when it comes to the ak?
  5. I was wondering if the new slr101 design is based off the AK74 much like the sgl21's or based of the akm like the slr107 in terms of the bolt carrier, bolt, ect. I know it has the 90 degree gas block and all that but does it have the larger bolt stem like the 107 or is it more like the sgl21 with the slim bolt stem based on the ak74? Is the ak74 design on the sgl21's superior to the akm design when considering it is firing the 7.62x39 instead of the 5.45 round which the 74 was designed to fire? Someone who has this knowledge or experience wtith both rifles please inform me. I've fired the sgl21 but never had experience with a bulgarian variant such as the slr101, 107, sam 7, ect. Reason being I'm stuck between getting a sgl21 or slr101. Don't mind the milled reciever weight, that is no problem to me, just wondering about the over all functioning of the rifles concerning the parts I mentioned earliar.
  6. I received a Weiger last week. Since I've already removed my interdiction tab, I didn't have to do a lot to make it work. Some material needs to be removed from the front of the feed lips, and the locking tab had to be filed a bit. Here's the pic from the cross-conn site showing the material that must be removed from the feed lips: There is a tiny bit of side to side wobble, but not bad at all. The Galil steels needed no modification whatsoever, but they wobble more than I'd prefer. If you want easy and inexpensive, start here first. They sit too low in some Saigas, but many here have had success with them. Thanks, I think I might try one of the steel galils. One more thing for ya'll though, have the Orlites completely dried up now? I got the one I have now about 5 months ago, but can't seem to find them anymore. I just figured those things are pretty much as good as gone unless ya'll know places that got em.
  7. I have a couple of Circle 10's and an orlite which all seem to work fine. The Circle 10's required quite a bit modifying, and the orlite required barely any. However, I've been wanting to try either steel galil mag or a weiger. Since ya'll have seemed to have used them which one would be better in terms of least amount of modifications and the least amount of wobble? I would assume they vary given how different every saiga seems to be, but overrall which one would you be more likely to waste your money on trying out.
  8. EreadM


    I've notice when I go out to the range and shoot that the handguard seems to get quite hot. I was just wondering if switching to the standard ak style handguard with the heat shield makes a big difference or not? Is it worth swapping out the original for the ak style?
  9. Hurry and order they will be gone soon, he does small batches. Good Luck Corbin. Now these revised red dots, are they the gen2 or gen3?
  10. I would think that it would be a little off, progressively worse at further distances. I'm just theorizing, though. But why buy the wrong one?? Good point. Thanks for the info on this.
  11. The calibration for caliber is not in the sight leaf, but in the ramp beneath it. The Krebs 1000 meter sight will work fine for the .223. Well I guess we learn new things everyday, I didn't know the calibration was in the ramp. So would the 800 meter work also?
  12. I was just wondering if the ak peep sight from Krebs would work fine on the 5.56. Personally I don't know how much a difference there is between the rear sight on 7.62 and a 5.56. So I'm assuming the rear peep sight they are selling is for the 7.62. So if any of ya'll got any knowledge on this subject, and whether or not you could use it on the 5.56 please feel free to fill me in. Here's a pic of what I'm talking about.
  13. Look, all WASR are Romanians, but not all Romanians are WASR. You might want to understand that before deciding what is good, and what is not. Guess I hit a nerve. Never said all Romanians were WASR's, just said I don't want one.
  14. EreadM


    Do you ever get the orlites? And as far as the steel mags coming in next week should i put an order in now or wait?
  15. EreadM


    I saw that this site has orlites, does anyone here know anything about this place. http://whatacountry.com/galil223magazine.aspx
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