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  1. kilovictor

    Keepshooting,com Mag Review

    Just wanted to pass on a bad experience with keepshooting.com - unprofessional customer service when their mags malfunctioned in my stock P22. i bought 10 of their Walther P22 mags excited about the great reviews I had read and great price. Opened up 2 of the packages and loaded these 2 mags along with my 2 factory Walther mags. It was probably between 30-40* outside at 10,000'. In a blind test, the 2 walther mags performed perfectly with high velocity CCI cartridges, and the two KeepShooting.com CLONES both failed. The first mag caused the slide to lock back with one round in the mag. Dangerous. The second mag failed to lock the slide back on an empty mag. So I did not open the other 8 packages since I do not like to use unreliable magazines in any of my weapons. Well when I called in, the sales rep was unbelievably rude since I was past my 30 day return period. When I explained to him that I had not had a chance to go shooting due to being out of country and then having my local "range" on top of a mountain here in CO full of snow all winter. I dont get to shoot much in the winter. Well the rep kept eluding to the fact that he thought I was lying. I was shocked. Never received this kind of customer service before that I can remember. Especially in the firearm community usually companies are very friendly. I offered to take a video of the malfunctions so the company could be aware of any potential issues and get them fixed, because obviously my P22 (which is stock, barebones) had compatibility issues, it is several years old) So finally he let me return them, and I just wrote off the bad attitude, not planning on writing a review or anything since they took them back. Well today I get an email stating the following: "Tested every single magazine customer returned with zero malfunctions on either a 3" or 5" barreled P22. Suspect customer just needed the money back for some reason, as there was no issues with any of the magazines returned." I will never do business with this RUDE company again. - Tom
  2. kilovictor

    Saiga worn out parts

    COBRA RULES!!!!!!!!!!! Man, thanks for saving my bolt. I can't recommend Cobra enough, the ultimate guru. Guys, don't be fooled by some of the other people around the forums pretending to be better, cause you just can't get better than this work. Thanks again, and I owe you one man KV
  3. kilovictor

    Failure to Feed modifications

    I learned something as well this week, and wanted to share it somewhere on here... since this is a recent post it seems like as good a spot as any. So when I was polishing up my internals, trying to get my Vodka special to run, I inadvertently ground too much of the protrusion from the bolt head that pushes the next shell out of the magazine and into the chamber. WEll this causes the lip of the shell to sometimes get underneath the extractor and jam up on it's way IN. I'm mailing it off to Cobra today so he can weld a bit more back on and shape it to correct tolerances for me. I've been trying to figure out what was happening here for months, and after examining it enough and comparing to a buddy's gun... it's that simple. So my advice, Start by shaping/polishing the parts of the bolt/carrier and hammer that touch each other, and don't bother with the parts that don't. If you follow the advice of the big guys on here like Cobra, Tromix, MikeD you'll be fine. And don't bother with cheapie Winchester, grab the Federal bulk packs
  4. kilovictor

    Denver area Saiga 12 Guru Wanted.

    you know the protrusion of the bolt that pushes the next shell out of the mag, what shape is that supposed to be? I think i remember remember reading from Tromix that it should either be flat or angled inward toward the center of the bolt? Is that right?
  5. kilovictor

    Denver area Saiga 12 Guru Wanted.

    Very nice looking S12! Thanks for that tip. I'll shoot them an email too. Anyone know of any factory 8-rd mags for sale?
  6. kilovictor

    Denver area Saiga 12 Guru Wanted.

    Anyone know of a good machinist-type guy in the Colorado Springs/Denver area that could help me pinpoint my Saiga 12 problem? It is about 98% but just needs a few minutes of tweaking to get it running right. I've tried every brand of mag, polished the bolt, sent it to Cadiz to have the gas ports drilled right... etc, etc. There is one place that could possibly use a small tig weld to help the shells feed (I saw another guy on here do it successfuly), and 2 places that might possibly need to be slightly shaped (the part that pushes the next shell out of the mag, on the bolt; and the very end of the barrel, on top where shells seem to stick a bit when loading and jam up. Thanks for any leads, Tom
  7. kilovictor

    WTB Izmash Saiga 12 8 round mag

    Hmmm... so he won't end up charging VAT - or I have to get a refund from the gov? Good idea! Wonder if we could get a group buy going for some kind of deal, I'm sure there are enough guys who would go in on it.
  8. kilovictor

    WTB Izmash Saiga 12 8 round mag

    I checked that first... it's 89 British pounds which is just over $140 USD + shipping... That is definitely a last resort Thanks!
  9. kilovictor

    WTB Izmash Saiga 12 8 round mag

    I'll pay $125 shipped for one. Tom
  10. kilovictor

    Getting that mirror shine when polishing

    Man, Google Chrome keeps screwing me. This is the 3rd time I've tried to reply, and in that time I see you've changed your post Pauly. I'm sorry I didn't know you had already put this up as a sticky. However, I've seen your recent offerings and am in need of someone who can really fine-tune my s12. lemme know if you're up to the task- i don't feel like typing up all the particulars at this point. Thanks Tom
  11. kilovictor

    Getting that mirror shine when polishing

    Right I do that after the disc, but that only works once you get all the scratches out from grinding down...
  12. Hey all, Thought I'd share a tip I have learned after trying to get the mirror finish that many guys can. It's not perfect, but if you use the fine sanding discs that come in the dremel kit at a very high RPM (I'm doing 35k I think) and you hold it at a slight angle to avoid hitting the dremels screw on your metal (or hold it flat/parallel to shorter pieces that you can fit half of the sanding disc onto) and keep it moving, I've been able to eliminate those fine scratches that were keeping my polishing felt wheel with compound from getting the job done. I love the gray, soft disc polishing wheel too but it's harder to get a nice flat face on anything with. Hope this helps someone, let me know if there's a better way than this! Thanks, Tom
  13. kilovictor

    Want to play a game? Part 6

    1200 MD you Rock the Casbah, thanks for the sweet deal on the drums.
  14. kilovictor

    WTB Izmash 8 round mag

    Man, I wish I could. Spent the Christmas allowance already, I'm sure someone will buy it off you though. Thanks. Tom
  15. kilovictor

    WTB Izmash 8 round mag

    Cool, thanks for the tip. Just ordered a couple MD drums since they're on sale for $80 right now!