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  1. This is going to be my next project...thanks
  2. longfletch27

    SGM Magazines

    Thanks! In for 3 more. These factory 5 rounders are nice to have around. TC Got me 2, 5 rounders also...thanks for the heads up
  3. longfletch27

    Bad time to buy?

    I just got Into the Saiga 12, and no mags to be found....I may have to trade a couple of AK74 mags for some, Everybody wants the surplus 74 mags now
  4. I have copy and pasted 2 seperate emails and sent them...I recieved the usual automatic response email.
  5. I think Ron Swanson needs to be held down and have his mustache shaved.
  6. longfletch27

    Need a front pistol grip that won't break for my Saiga 12....

    I like the looks of magpul, I havent heard any bad things about them.
  7. longfletch27

    saiga 8 round oem mags

    So the 8 rounders are hard to come by? Well i guess they all are nowadays
  8. longfletch27

    Wife got me a Saiga 12 for Christmas

    Thanks for the advice guys, where can I enter your contest ChiliRelleno?
  9. longfletch27

    Got a Saiga 12 for Christmas

    double delete please
  10. longfletch27

    Wife got me a Saiga 12 for Christmas

    My wife put this on layaway a few months back and gave it to me for my Christmas gift... I put it on the #2 gas setting and it ran 2 mags of bird shot with no problems, So im hoping I got a good one I want to do the conversion, I think I may just get a basic kit from Carolina shooters supply with Kvar stock, or maybe Magpul Moe stock. What do you guys think of the raised front sites that bolt on with the rear peep?
  11. longfletch27

    So Just How Corrosive is 7n6 Ammo?

    the clear (12 beers) type of piss, or the next day (im dehydrated) yellow piss??? which works better
  12. longfletch27

    The 5.45x39 picture thread

    what stock setup is that on your 5.45??