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  1. LIKE NEW Mako collapsible buttstock by FAB Defense with 6-position recoil reducing stock tube. Fits any AK-style stamped receiver. Very effective at reducing recoil and muzzle rise. Sells new for $100 and over. I am selling mine for $75 + $7 shipping.
  2. Thanks for the info, guys. I also just saw that AR15performance.com has some muzzle brakes that are especially made for hunters and for LE where ear protection may not be an option. I'll have to contact them to see if they will work for a 308.
  3. I'm looking for a muzzle brake for a Saiga 308 that helps reduce muzzle rise / recoil / flash and also directs much of the blast and sound towards the front. I don't intend to shoot the rifle without ear protection, nosirrrr, but I want something that would not destroy my hearing in case of an emergency situation, when ear protection may not be available. Any ideas for a muzzle device that accomplishes this?
  4. Someone better buy it soon, because I'm starting to think I may want to keep it in my collection and not sell it after all..
  5. Will also consider a partial trade for complete AR15 upper with 16" or 18" Wylde-chambered barrel and 1:7 or 1:8 twist. Please don't suggest a trade unless your upper meets these criteria, because I won't be interested.
  6. I wanted to give you and the Calguns.net folks the first chance to buy this rifle, but perhaps it is time to advertise it on additional classifieds and auction sites.
  7. Thanks for the good wishes. I'm in no big hurry, so maybe you will buy it after all!
  8. i've already got 2 308's or i would be all over this. you've got way more in parts cost than your asking. i think money is just a little tight for most folks ,and with our teleprompter in chief fuc**ng everything up , people are just hunkerin down. it's a seriously nice boomstick and the more i gaze at the pics the more i want it! be patient.. . there's lots of morons like me trying to figure out how to swing it...... and good luck with the sale! peaceout! Very true, I am selling it for much less than I have in it! But a price reflecting my investment would have taken it into the
  9. I thought a nicely converted super accurate S 308 would get a good deal of interest here in Saigaland - hmm..
  10. Converted RAA Saiga 308 rifle with 21" Barrel in EXCELLENT condition for sale. I have over $1,300 invested in its purchase and conversion. Rifle without scope and sling and is $875 OBO + shipping and insurance. Rifle with scope and sling is $985 OBO + Shipping and insurance. Payment by Postal Money Order accepted. Reasonable offers will be considered. Item is located in California. I purchased this S308 in barely used stock form and did an extensive conversion to it. I have a total of about 40 rounds through the rifle. With S&B ammo I have attained 3-shot groups inside of an inch at 10
  11. How about this one? If it is stable and not wobbly it looks like a winner: http://www.floridagunexchange.com/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=23852
  12. I have the longer barrel version of the S308. I threaded the barrel for a muzzle brake at home using home tools and the Dinzag threading and crowning tools. I am getting very fine accuracy with mine - 1/2" at 100 yards using S&B fmj. It is a long beast with the muzzle brake and sometimes I do think of cutting it shorter but then I wonder- would cutting the barrel to say 19" really make THAT much of a difference in weight and maneuverability? So I have not done it yet... I figure I have my M1 carbine for shorter range stuff, and my long-ass Saiga 308 for long range shooting.
  13. Thanks, Noob308. I actually did a little polishing on the lug a few days ago, but have not tried to shoot it again yet. If I did managed to damage the bolt by removing too much material, do you have any idea where I can purchase another one?
  14. I never knew that rooster waddles could look so grotesque - was that image from a roadkill? Now let me make sure I follow your line of thinking - everyone who shoots an AR type rifle with a muzzle brake and buffer device in the stock to mitigate recoil and muzzle rise (for the sake of quick follow-up shots) is a fully intact dude (or dudette), but if someone shooting an AK platform wants to reduce recoil and muzzle rise (for the sake of quick follow-up shots) then that makes them a castrato?
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