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  1. At one time, a company was building M1 carbines in 45WM. I dont remember the name. I once made one up in 357 Auto Mag, so I guess it could be done in 45WM.
  2. If the Bush the First EO ban is removed, we might be able to get semi auto Saigas with regular AK features.
  3. Imagine if that letter was about Hiliary. The press would beat him to death. I heard it was illegal to fire someone over politics only in 3 states.
  4. Trump also said he would reverse all EOs on firearms. Anyone know what BHO has right now? It also should include the Bush the First original ban.
  5. Note:Withdrawn. No longer for sale. Up for sale: 1 Saiga .223 10 shot original Izzy mag $15.00 plus shipping and 1 SGM 5 shot .223 mag $15.00 plus shipping. Both look unused but a few scratches. Did not fit my rifle. BP-02 low. Used, a few dings. Fits tight. $40.00 plus shipping. SPF AK74 Mags: All $35.00 each plus actual shipping. 4 Tantal poly. 4 Izzy marked plums 3 sanitized Izzy plums 2 East German bakes marked .223 on baseplate. These were fitted to a MAK90 I had. Worked fine. ----Also worked in 4 different 5.45x39 rifles. Shows fitting. Doesnt loo
  6. Check out Dixie Slugs. Thats what I would use.
  7. I like the scout scope. Forward mounted so it cant hit you. Very fast. The red dots will also work but a good one is costly. The Russian scopes look good for the money but not sure on getting repairs. My choice would be a low powered one for the large field of view. Take a look at one before you buy. Presently I have a Primary Arms 1x4 scope and like it.
  8. Probably had super high prices. Went to a gun show Sunday and the only .223 Saiga there had an $899.00 price tag! A .308 was $1200.00! These were bone stock.Some shops here that still have them are selling them for around $550.00 but I havent looked in the last week or so.
  9. I am in a bad situation right now and need to sell a couple of excess rifles and mags, etc. Dont know what to ask for this stuff. Been into the AK for some time. It is hard to judge prices right now. Dont want to sell but have to. Would much prefer to keep everything. Would it be best to put everything up for auction? Thanks for any help.
  10. I believe there are some plants over there. I am up against one right now. Seen some sneaky tactics from him. There are some good guys over there so I continue to post.
  11. Israel had a major school attack some years ago. They armed the teachers who asked to be security. There hasent been another big one since and the attempted attacks were quickly put down with little damage. We need to get this info out.
  12. A CCW is used to carry emergency life saving equipment. I think any fireman could understand that.
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