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  1. Went to gun show today, saw brand new saiga .410 only $319.99 I was like woah I never seen one at a gun show before and price seamed fair, saiga 7.62x39 was o nly $289.99 I paid $380 last year lol...
  2. Well I think I need one more part? I need A TOTAL OF 6 US made parts to use surplus magazines, is what I understand from people. So I guess spending $90 a gas pipe wouldnt be the worst thing, better than pain.
  3. How hard is it to drill out the gas piston and swap it for a US made one. It is only $20 for a new piston. The handguard I will need to buy a gas tube? its like $90 and just drop in and good to go. How would I seal the new gas piston in place? JB WELD?
  4. So just leave it unchecked? so I am compliant? I was just confussed on the issue with check or no check. I guess it would be UNCHECK because you uncheck the trigger system and buttstock
  5. http://gunwiki.net/Gunwiki/BuildSaigaVerifyCompliance So everything is RESET = 14 illgeal atm. I installed, US trigger system(3) Buttstock(1) Pistol grip(1) ALL US MADE, I am confussed on this one. Do I check the pistol grip box or leave it open? If I check the box I will have (11) Illgeal, including the 3 magazine checked because I am using surplus.
  6. I was getting some wobble so I stoped, I was scared to file it to short or file the wrong part that it would not fit mags no more, I could always file the other mag releases(this is my only ak but in the furture if I get more ak styles)
  7. You can lock this thread now, I think I fixed it. Its my dummy self again I am pushing it slowly with the bolt carrier and little force so its probly just I am "baby" it and not treating it like its made to be(force slam) I am pretty sure it will cycle the rounds with full force power. Thanks for your help though! Convertion FULLY complete IF this dummy can do a saiga convert, so can you!
  8. right now I got the mags to fit, but my problem is cycling the rounds, I took the firing pin out and I push the bolt carrier forward, the left side will feed proper but when I cycle the right side (looking down on the mag) it feeds it high to the left .... what gives..... do I need the firing pin in to cycle proper or does it cycle proper without the firing pin? *edit it feeds high to the left and it hits the top of the chamber and wont move...
  9. Ok I am getting a slight mag wobble, I can get the mags in but they need a hammer to remove them out, the mag catch is so tight I use the hammer to push it open. I think I am going to stop before I do something dumb.... I will just file down the magazine lips and no more on the mag catch.
  10. When using the tap, did you clean the hole of steel particles, did you use oil in the hole, and did you turn it 1/8 inches and then reverse it on each new cut forward? I put oil on the bit not in the hole, yes I cleaned the hole from steel particles. I just did 1/4 turn, reverse, 1/4 turn etc.
  11. Yes it is a converted gun, I posted before how do I convert last year. I did the covnert myself was pretty easy but taking that trigger guard off was hard... I just installed the bullet guide(see other topic) now I am trying to the magazines to fit.
  12. So I just file the top of this? just like 0.01 at a time? untill the big lip of the magazine fits into place and locks tight? It barly sticks out so I have to use a small file. Do I make it flat or make it into a shape?
  13. its ok I got it see my other topic on I installed it !!! Thanks for your help guys.
  14. It's a little off but its in there, I might apply some JB weld or something because I do not know if it will come lose. Thank God we have tons of screws! lol I found a screw that was small enough to fit the hole already and didnt use the screw that came with my bullet guide. I recommend to all who suck at metal work and very scared to do this work(like me) to have extra screws on hand incase you screw up like me! I didnt make the hole any bigger just found a screw to place in it. Thanks so much for your help guys now my convert is complete I do not think the tap worked? it got stuck half way, so I gave that up. I just screwd the screw in and put pressure and it went in
  15. How would I apply JB weld? just place it on the bullet guide and the reciver? or do I need to sand it or something? Also if I go to the store and ask for JB weld do they know what it is or JB stands for a longer name? Does walmart carry JB weld?
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