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  1. A release date? I'd be satisfied just to see a photo at this point. How long has it been since Mike posted teasers about this thing?
  2. It's domestic terrorism. Don't let the color of their skin or their so-called religion blind you.
  3. Testing by the guy who's trying to sell them doesn't count. Don't be a dick.
  4. Pictures would be nice. Nobody's going to buy an untested gas plug based on words alone.
  5. If you have a C&R FFL license, any Mosin can be shipped straight to your home because YOU are the FFL. No 4473 required. If the rifle's receiver was made before 1899, it's an antique and you don't need a C&R license. Pre '99 guns also don't need to be logged, if you do happen to be an FFL, but it's still smart to bookkeep them with notes to the effect that they're pre '99. Chatellerault receivers are universally pre '99, but they don't have date stamps. Many people look at the date on the barrel and assume that's the date on the receiver too, but many Finn rifles were rebarreled on pre '99 receivers and ended up getting logged as firearms because of the later date on the barrel. If you have rifles like that, make sure you document beyond any shadow of a doubt that they're on Chatellerault receivers before removing them from your bound book.
  6. Foam pipe insulation or a pool noodle will work fine too. If you don't like the foam texture, wrap over it with 550 cord or hockey tape.
  7. Yep. "Christian Identity" is code for white supremacists. They have nothing to do with regular good people who happen to be Christian.
  8. Agreed w/ other comments above that S&W makes a much nicer revolver than Taurus. If you can't budget a S&W, consider Ruger too. Also, she may want to go with a medium frame instead of a small frame revolver. They're not THAT much harder to carry, and they're much more forgiving to shoot. A Ruger GP-100, or an older Security Six or Smith K-frame might be a good pick. If she wants to transition to a small frame wheelgun later on, she can always keep the medium frame around for practice, HD and carry in colder weather. Starting out on an airweight J-frame would be pretty terrifying, IMHO.
  9. Dang. It's a shame they can't get in spare parts. Guess if you repair enough f-ed up guns though, you tend to build a collection of spares anyway.
  10. What if, hypothetically, the bolt carrier legitimately breaks? What then? Since they're not available as spares does RAA have to cannibalize a new gun? Seems like a bunch of BS if you ask me.
  11. Yep, Wally World is hard to beat. You can usually get Winchester White Box or Blazer there for reasonable prices. Other than that, see if your local gun shop or distributor can hook you up with a bulk purchase. Let them know you're committed to buying a BUNCH, maybe go in with some friends and commit to a couple thousand rounds.
  12. If they're STEEL box magazines, I'm very interested. As for drums I'm super happy with my MD-20.
  13. Ironwood Designs furniture is excellent. It comes unfinished but staining and sealing it isn't that difficult. Besides, it leaves your options wide open as to what color and finish you can achieve. They've got every possible style of AK furniture in terms of sling swivels, forearm style, etc, plus lots of wood choices.
  14. Buy once, cry once. If you like Pelican cases, you'll probably like Storm cases even better.
  15. AOL? Wow, that's disconcerting. Don't get me wrong, I love my Surefire mags and they work great... but it's 2010 people. Who the hell uses an AOL email address and expects to be taken seriously?
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