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    God, my kids, guns. Is there anything better?
  1. I read that it was better to mount a bipod on VEPR, PSL, Dragunovs, on the receiver to keep tension off the barrel. Is this true, or does it not make enough difference to go ahead and mount it on the hand guard? Legit Dragunov bipods are ridiculously expensive and it will take a bit of ingenuity to mount to the receiver unless there is some mounting option I'm not aware of.
  2. Thanks for all the info guys! I plan on handloading as well as soon as I get a die for it. Also plan on getting a flash suppressor too. Thanks again. I am interested to see your results on the hand loads.
  3. Just got this BP 02 "low" centered mount from Kalinka (yeah, I know). This mount seems really high in my opinion. This is for my 54r and I want a solid scope mount platform. I put my scope on, but it was more of a chin weld than cheek weld. I have a AKARS on my 39 that I love, but I don't if it will hold zero with 54r recoil. Is there a lower BP 02 style that will work, or should I get another AKARS or TWS? and who would be interested in this one?
  4. Thanks. I'll dremel it out and carve made in the USA in the side! Sounds legit, right? ;-)
  5. I found this pic in SOG's catalog but I can't find this handguard. Looking to get my Vepr 922r. Honestly, I don't want to change the furniture at all, but this is the best looking forend I've seen. I don't want any railed forends. Sorry for the tiny pic, best I could find.
  6. ATACS DuraCoat Tapco collapsible stock w/ CAA Saddle Tapco Trigger CSS Vented Forend Magpul Angled grip SureFire 6P Defender Ergo Grip Miss. Arms Crown Thread Protector Promag 12rnd Drum Replaced front sight with fiber optic sight Soldered up holes in receiver
  7. Thanks! The pattern doesn't really suit my terrain here in East Texas but I just love the look of it. It will work well in my bug out hidey hole out west though ;-) I am also working on the new ATACS FG pattern that will fit right in here in the pines and oaks.
  8. This is my first crack at ATACS AU in DuraCoat. I know I can only replicate it so close as its a different application process, but I like the way it looks. What ya'll think? Little blurry, I know. I'll get better pics tomorrow.
  9. Absolutely beautiful. My wedding anniversary is coming up and wife wife wants to know what I want. I know what I want now. If you can't fund it, some company would surely buy the plans. I'll promote the crap out of that thing on my site if you get a production model up and running! I'll camo the crap out of it too! lol
  10. That vinyl cost $1300 (3M IJ180) which is 3M's top of the line wrap vinyl, and the installation runs anywhere from $800-$1000. Wrapping bumpers and mirrors add to the cost of the install.
  11. I'm offended,jk. Mountain Commercial Graphics produced the graphics and I installed them. I'm one of their contractors.
  12. Just finished wrapping my truck in my "Stealth Digital" graphics. I'm pretty dang proud of how it turned out! Maybe you'll see me rolling around Houston. But if I cut you off, that wasn't me.
  13. Looking for any iron sight kit for saiga 12 other than factory. Used would be great, not really wanting to drop $100 on sight kit. Dinged, scratched, heck, ground off an old gun! I will refinish it anyway. Thanks!
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