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  1. To add to the above, yeah, you may just wanna cut a little piece of pipe for the bullet guide and have a gunsmith weld it in there instead. May cost a little more, but you have a little more security if its welded vs a red locktite screw, and the replacement piece would completely cover the hole you drilled. but if you wanna fiddle around with different screws instead, that will probably work just as well.
  2. Yeeeessss, thats true, but I feel that the way WE would typically use it could extend the life to a reasonable length, without being problematic. If you plan on putting down 20,000 rounds a month like in Vegas, then there may be better options.
  3. Just buy a single pistol upper, and slap it on all the AR lowers you have already stockpiled. Take a pic with date. Those are all now pistol lowers that can be built into their own pistols or rifles later, as you see fit. Then get one of those Zastava NPAP pistols in x39 and/or 5.56. They are very nice. The 5.56 has a plastic mag adapter that allows it to take AR mags.
  4. Troy had a good rep for quality, and that may still be the case. However, they now have a bad rep among gun owners, especially military-style rifle enthusiasts, because of some recent hiring. First they hired an anti-gun ex-Chicago police commissioner. After the outcry they fired that guy, then decided it would be a good idea to hire one of the Ruby Ridge snipers as an instructor. Because of this, many of their customers walked away and refuse to buy anything Troy.
  5. Got a Lucid M7 mount for $17, gonna get some offset irons off Amazon for $17, and a forward assist. That will finish off my last two ARs. Next paycheck, slings for everything. Then time to start looking for a 308.
  6. The new Brakeout II has been getting some really good reviews. Dont think it comes in 14x1LH though.
  7. Unfortunately, the leadership hasnt learned their lesson, and guns are still very tightly controlled there.
  8. Im all for buying once. But. Get her the gun it takes to draw her into the hobby. After she gains some experience, she will make better choices. Or, she may end up hating it and you arent out as much.
  9. Ive recently changed my opinion on this. I now feel that concealing my firearm ownership is hurting us as gun owners much more than rare isolated incidents. Im not just walking up to strangers and detailing my stash, but im no longer actively concealing from neighbors, friends, reasonable middle-class people I know. I want them to realize that the everyday people they know, talk to, hang out with, kids play with, trade lawn tips with, etc, are also responsible gun owners. When we hide ourselves like some pariahs the only example they see of gun ownership, is articles like the OPs. Of course they have a bad impression of guns. Thats the big issue, ive seen it a few times. Your kids friend says "my buddys dad has a nice rifle!" at a party, the local meth head overhears and sells the info to a crew. Watch who your kids hang out with. EDIT: Ill add, this started with social media. We've all heard a hundred horror stories by now that started on Facebook. Be careful.
  10. Typically, a vest designed to stop either bullets or knives does nothing against the other. IIRC though they do have stab vests that can carry a plate. Sorry OP, no experience with them.
  11. I bought some of the Wolf 124gr Mil Classic 4-6 months back and could NOT find the cuts inside the hollow point with a pin. Its possible im just an idiot though. Generally im happy with any x39 ammo, as long as its Golden Tiger.
  12. As excuses come up, he will close down importation of all firearms. All lead ammo will be declared banned due to environmental regulations. All non-lead ammo will be banned as 'armor-piercing' from AR and AK pistols. That's just the tip of the iceberg. So far, his party is happy to march in lockstep with him. Im not sire that will be the case as his proclamations get more and more bold (read: illegal). We may end up with some big changes after this guy, now that the congress is being made aware of how much power the Executive branch has suborned over the years (mainly due to congressional inaction).
  13. Last I read, maybe yesterday?, the SHOT show versions are still a prototype and the final design isnt complete. IIRC they said the rear lug area was done, front needed some tweaking. They might end up with polymer feed lips, the polymer lips performed in tests better than steel, but customers are demanding steel feed lips.
  14. The rep claimed that when they did testing, it was much easier to bump quad-stack mags to the point where it would jar the round order and start to misfeed. The drum handled rough treatment much better, and also gave a lower overall profile. I mean I like the product, but the whole reason I picked up 300BLK is because of parts commonality with the 5.56 AR15. If I cant move spare parts and mags back and forth, im not interested.
  15. Does NOT work with 300BLK, confirmed by Magpul rep on M4Carbine. So, I probably wont be buying 4 as planned. Maybe one since my CCW lets me keep an AR pistol on the front seat of my car in Chicago.
  16. No kidding, I have a 650r and LOVE it, but I occasionally see a kid around town with a 250. He's doing 35-45mph but taking the turns like crazy, wringing it out, leaning all over. I kinda get jealous when I see the fun he's having at low speeds, and knowing he's getting like 60mpg. But then I take the 650 on a scenic highway and feel better. When you are going to work at 6am and the kids are sleeping above the garage, thats a good thing. Not everyone wants an obnoxious exhaust.
  17. NASA is probably one of our governments most efficient programs. IIRC last time they ran the numbers, NASA produces $7 worth of technology for every $1 spent there. Their research helps all of us. They are, however, subject to Washington political games and are shameless in pursuing funding. But then, so are private sector researchers.
  18. These guys know what they are doing with releases. Soemone was sitting on them, waiting for the price to go up. If they are dropping now at $900, expect new info soon about Russians proxy arsenal in a satellite state to get around the ban.
  19. Nice. Decent deal for what it is. I would spring for the slightly more expensive $50 Bushmaster lower just to keep it all Bushmaster. Then a Palmetto State Armory lower parts kit for $40-$50 and a stock kit for $50+. Personally, with a 1/9 heavy barrel I would go for an accuracy build and get an A2 or Vltor A5 stock, drop in an ALG ACT trigger and JP springs and get shooting.
  20. It would not be smart for Saiga to do this while the original Ban Signer still holds power.
  21. This basically spoils the whole movie, so.... Also, in The Road Warrior when at the end of the whole insane road battle, Max wrecks the gasoline rig and out pours...sand. Let me add, The Way of the Gun is a hugely underappreciated crime/action//intrigue flick. I think alot of people dont like it because it is a slightly complicated plot, the characters are all multi-faceted bad people, and the violence is presented as horrible and evil instead of glorified.
  22. The majority of my professors were liberal, with a few hardcore conservatives. The difference is, you would never know it by the way they taught. Politics never came up, period, they taught the subject using the latest theories and research and presented multiple sides for discussion. It might have been because my majors, Engineering and Economics, stress having an open mind and processing every problem instead of jumping to any assumptions. I usually stuck around to chat, so I got a view into the profs politics. Most of them were hippie academics, but recognized their ideas could be wrong.
  23. I have been using my Ninja 650r as a commuter for somewhat over a year, and its an excellent choice. Despite being called a 'Ninja' and looking like a sport bike, its really a cleaned up Standard or even a UJM. The position is fairly upright, so it's comfortable for even long distances, the fairing covers you from large blasts on the highway, and the in-line twin gives excellent power but gets about 55MPG when driven normally. The downsides are: twins have more vibration than 4-cylinders, its a lighter bike so not as stable under strong gusts on the highway, not as much room for two fat passengers. My cousin had a Ninja 500 and we rode each others bikes a bit. Two completely different animals. The 500 was a sportier position, uncomfortable for me after about 30 minutes. It was more fun to fling around, because of the weight, but I also wouldnt take it on the HWY because of that (tho, some do). On top of that, even around town I found the 500 to struggle and have no top end (im about 225#). The 650 had enough power for me AND the 5' tall wife, I would trust it with both of us on the HWY at legal and necessary speeds. I really feel the Ninja 650r is the perfect do-it-all single-bike sport tourer. The SV650 is in a similar place, but its a slightly more sporty seating position and at the time I couldnt find any used ones for a good price. People seem to love the Suzukis V-twin though. EDIT: One issue with the Ninja 650r, because of the 'Ninja' name and the look, a lot of insurers automatically roll it into the supersport rate column. I had to call around and found that Progressive considered it an actual 'sport' or 'sport-tourer' so the rate was much lower with them. But also, remember that before we had all these bikes, a couple decades ago kids were doing it all on 250cc cruisers. Off road, stunts, you name it, thats all they had and they liked it! Brandos bike was considered HUGE at 650cc's. So if you really wanna to, you can pretty much get it done on even a smaller bike. EDIT EDIT: THIS is a great sight for checking out bikes and seeing how you will fit them. You want as close to 90* knee angle. More sport gives more control but less comfort on longer rides, vise versa for legs being out front. A 90* leg angle also give you more leverage to shift your body about on the seat when riding. Thats my dream bike, but ill never own a carbed bike again. However, Kawasaki is coming out with a cruiser that uses the Ninj650r/Versys twin next year, the Vulcan S. Since I absolutely love that engine, I may pick it up in a couple years when I get some more free time. Sportbike power, gas mileage, reliability with cruiser aesthetics, win/win! But of Honda does a new FI Magna with the VFR V-4, ill mortgage my house to get one!
  24. If you already have a: 20" heavy barrel target AR 20" vietnam era clone M16A2 clone 16" midlength M4 clone 18.2" rifle gas SPR 16" lightweight (under 4.75# unloaded) 16" RECCE 14" M4 clone 14" Afghan 10.5" entry SBR and all of those again but in 300BLK, plus: 6.2" Honey Badger clone 13" ultra lightweight 16" scout concept in 300BLK.... Then yeah, it might be time to start looking into AKs (yugos, ruskies, romanian, polish, and all the variants). Or you could add a wood furniture AR, a couple video game builds, etc, etc.
  25. I disagree. For a budget build, this is an excellent choice of suppressor. The company can legally change the 'wipe' for a very reasonable fee. People doing it unlawfully could just misuse the solvent traps.
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