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    Taxidermist, bowhunter, trap shooter, AR-15 junkie, 3-gun and this only scratchs the surface.........my wife is right, I need help. :0)
  1. jalu

    Uh Oh...

    .....they got my three Street Sweepers, leave my S12's alone.
  2. Well done sir, what kind of degreaser did you use there? And thank you for your service in defending our great country. Jace...
  3. +1 on the Tornado Brush, the wife and I shoot 80,000 to 100,000 rounds a year when praticing and competing in trap shooting on a weekly basis and have found that the Tornado Brush to be the fast-track to keeping up with lead and plastic fouling in our Krieghoff trap guns. But, I don't recomend that you use a cordless drill when useing it because of the fact that it's a stainless steel brush and it doesn't need that kind of force to have it polish your bore to a mirror finish. Just screw it on to your favorite cleaning rod and work the chamber and bore a few times and your good to go. Jace
  4. 106 1470 8291 IN! thank you!
  5. First post after 5 years of daily lurking, my name is Jace and the wifes name is LuEllen hence jalu. I've had two NIB unfired Saiga 12's in the back of the gun safe for a couple of years and have finally decided to convert them. Fantastic web site you boys have here, and I became a contributor when I decided to bring the two 12's out and get started on them.
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