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  1. Unfired.

    Optics has illuminated rangefinder and calculated bullet drop

    Manticore night brake


    Also have some ammo that can be worked into deal. All non corrosive. Some brass and some steel casing. Currently don't have an accurate count but prob 1000-1400 rounds


    $1600 firm for rifle and optic (not willing to separate )


    Would trade for 7.62x39 non corrosive ammo


    Text is best. 4128415989





  2. $1000 plus shipping...Mint condition


    Arsenal, Inc., the premier American importer and manufacturer of Kalashnikov-pattern rifles and pistols, is proud to offer to the American enthusiast the Bulgarian-made SAM7K Pistol. This 7.62x39mm caliber pistol combines authentic, high-quality features rarely seen in the American market. Every component of the SAM7K is engineered to provide decades of dependable service. The SAM7K pistol is bound to become a sought-after shooter and collectible firearm.

    Arsenal’s Exclusive Milled And Forged Receiver
    Each SAM7K receiver is milled from a hot-die hammer forged receiver blank by the Arsenal Co. of Bulgaria. Other milled-receiver AKs are machined from bar stock, but Arsenal’s hot-die hammer forging produces stronger and finer-grained steel. Internal voids and cooling deformations are eliminated by the 5-ton hammer forging process.

    Each forged receiver blank requires over 5.5 hours of milling before assembly. This forging and milling process is complex and time-intensive, but Arsenal’s meticulous attention to detail delivers a receiver of unequalled strength, precision and durability

    Summary: SAM7K - 7.62x39mm caliber pistol, milled receiver (hot-die hammer forged), short gas system, front sight block / gas block combination, 10 1/2 inch chrome lined hammer forged barrel, black polymer furniture, original pistol grip made to work with ambidextrous safety lever, and peep rear sight, scope rail. Includes one 5-round magazine, sling, oil bottle, and cleaning kit.

    • 100% new-production parts and components.
    • Bulgarian hot-die hammer forged receiver, bolt, bolt carrier and double-hook trigger
    • Cold hammer-forged barrel from Arsenal’s Bulgarian factory, built on Steyr manufacturing technology
    • Hard-chrome plated bore and chamber
    • AK scope rail.
    • Substantially extended service life over other types of assemblies.
    • Ambidextrous safety lever SPECIFICATIONS
    • Caliber: 7.62 x 39 mm
    • Total Length: 506mm (20 in.)
    • Barrel Length: 267 mm (10.5 in.)
    • Weight without Magazine: 3.67kg (8 lbs.)
    • Muzzle Velocity: 710 m/s (2329 fps)
    • Rate of Fire (practical): 40 rds/min
    • Twist Rate: 1 in 240 mm
    • Effective Range: 400 m (547 yds)
    • Max Effective Range: 1100 m (1480 yds)


  3. The key is "Never say: I purchased this for someone else"


    If I purchase a firearm today and decide I dont like it, or I like something else better, I have every right to sell it to someone who is legally allowed to own a firearm, even if it happens to be the next day.......


    Just dont ever say "I purchased this for someone else", and it would be up to the courts to prove that was my intentions otherwise.

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  4. Sounds like there may better options than selling your toys!


    I dropped a $5000 engine (on credit) into my 76 Dodge B200 work van, just before the housing market collapsed. They did feel morally obligated to remind me that it was going to be more than the vehicles worth but, no one was selling trucks at the time (before the economy tanked and gas went up).


    (Did I mention that the 400 ci gets 10 MPG?)


    I didn't have any other option but, it sounds like you do.


    Sell your van for parts and look for another reliable vehicle.


    Your Golden Tiger is a great deal! Had me drooling but, I wouldn't sell it....yet!


    There is a reason we hang out here. Brother.


    BTW, even if you keep your guns, you still get booty cred w/ the wife, for being willing to "sacrifice"!


    Good luck!!!!

    Thanks for the input.......Actually I cant even get any booty cred


    I asked her if she was watching the temp gauge. She said yes. I asked what the temp was. She said 260F. I asked why she didnt pull over? Her answer was that I am blaming her


    cant win no matter what. Cant put in much more OT than I already do without killing myself.......and my bills are paid, basically because of all the OT I work......


    May try my luck parting it out...not sure yet.  Hate to sell firearms, but that may have to be my fallback plan.....

  5. I was 12.....inheritied my grandfathers 1958 Mosseberg Bolt with adjustable spreader.......


    Was with my (not yet brother in law)......


    This gun is longer than I was tall at the time. We stopped as we came upon a rabbit. My hunting partner said for me to take it. I lowered my shotgun and fired.....Just about landed on my ass. To my dismay the rabbit was gone. WHAT THE HELL.... How could I miss from approx 15 yards away?


    About 10 seconds later all the fur started to float down.......Guess the choke was adjusted TOO tight!

  6. I have a Glock 21sf (.45) with an additional Lone Wolf barrel and stainless guide rod along with over 500 rounds......



    Anyone out there that might have a decent (extra vehicle).......could trade all this for it.......



    Just need decent gas mileage and cold air cond........I would drive it and give my car to the wife......




    EDIT: (all of this means the Glock and everything listed at the top of the post)

  7. I agree with the others... Ammo prices actually seem a very good as does your drum price. Wish I could justify the money for them. wink.png


    If you don't mind the personal question, how much do you need to raise to fix the van vs. just buying something else that runs and drives? I've driven many $500 vehicles for years.

    Didnt get a firm price yet..... I am guessing a Jasper out of the crate with installation would be between 3-4000


    I have so many damn new parts in this van that either way I lose......If I buy another used vehicle (for wife and son to use), I run the risk of shit breaking....

    If I put the money into this van (because of new brake, rotors, brake lines, tires, gas tank, front\rear axle, paint, air cond, and several other parts) it still will eventually rust away even if the engine still runs and if someone trashes it (it wont be worth the parts to the insurance company)

    Btw, if you stick with those prices and decide to sell, I'd like to reserve:


    Norinco (lead core) 40 rounds $8

    Misc steel core 50 rounds $10

    Winchester brass 18 rounds $4

    Corrosive Vietnam era tracer 30 rounds $8

    Always love adding ammo I don't have or don't have much of to the collection - and I sure don't have any x39 tracers.

    Great prices on all those.

    Will do

  8. Shandlanos, on 09 Jun 2014 - 5:23 PM, said:

    On the firearms and ammo, your prices are fine - in my opinion, you're pretty high on some of the magazines. Surplus 30-rounders usually go for $10-12 each, not $25. The 40-rounders are available right now for about $25 each. The rear-loading drum is about full retail - depending where it's made. To the best of my knowledge they have never been made in Russia - the Russian drums are top loaders. If yours is an original Chinese it's worth a little more than you're asking, if it's a current-import Korean, it's worth about $25 less.


    If I had a grand to spend, I'd pick up one of those SAM7 actions at that price.

    Thanks for the input so far.....thought the mags might be high.....I'll adjust those.....

  9. Wife fried the engine in the van.....I have no extra cash and must sell somethings that I really don't want to......


    Debating another vehicle or a new Jasper for this van


    Listing the items in this post to see if my prices seem reasonable before placing in "for sale" section here


    All firearms are mint condition and operating perfectly (as are the mags)


    Ammo is based off ($200 per thousand= .20 per round)



    Here they are:


    Firearms (each AK has a five round mag) $2900

    SAM7K milled Bulgarian Pistol (7.62x39) $1000

    SAM7R-61 milled Bulgarian Rifle (7.62x39) $1000

    Yugo OPAP stamped Rifle (7.62x39) $500

    Mossberg 500 12 gauge (standard and rifled barrels)$400



    AMMO (7.62x39) $1500

    GoldenTiger 500 rounds $100

    Tula Poly 6800 rounds $1360

    Norinco (lead core) 40 rounds $8

    Russian Hollow Point 60 rounds $12

    Misc steel core 50 rounds $10

    Winchester brass 18 rounds $4

    Corrosive Vietnam era tracer 30 rounds $8



    Magazines (7.62x39) $360

    Metal surplus (4) 40 rounders $140

    Metal surplus (4) 30 rounders $100

    Tapco (1) 30 rounder $10

    Russian Rear loading 75 round drum $100

    Saiga kit 5 rounder $10

  10. Do you know anyone with a like rifle?


    You could hand cycle your bolt\carrier through thier rifle and hand cycle thier bolt\carrier through your rifle to see if the problem is consistent in the mix\match........

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