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  1. Do you know anyone with a like rifle? You could hand cycle your bolt\carrier through thier rifle and hand cycle thier bolt\carrier through your rifle to see if the problem is consistent in the mix\match........
  2. If KVAR doesnt sell\ship to CA......then why make a California compliant rifle? I would have purchased if the underfolder was not fixed......
  3. Thanks for the tip. I've been wondering about this........
  4. Bought a boot grip for my LCR a few years back.....installed it and decided it was too small and slippery for my taste.......never even tried live firing and got rid of the grip. My .357 LCR is my main carry........carry my Glock 21SF sparingly
  5. Well got it unpacked.......now to figure out where the hell to start..........
  6. How about the thousands of people who say 'we are so lucky he didnt have a gun'. Of course its true, but it does nothing but increase anti freedom propaganda, instead of addressing the root problem. All the concerned comments I hear about these cases scream the same thing: misplaced focus. Its amazing to me how many people insist on blaming the tool, or focus on it enough to imagine other possible tools, and neglect to address the psycho who committed the violence. People are programmed to fixate on the weapon, not the person behind it. This is why our rights keep getting fewer and fe
  7. Here is my inspiration https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WqmC4ZTV-o0 He isnt traditional
  8. Yes. Sad about the rifle, but I know I will love this guitar. Just hope learning Flamenco isnt too nerve racking!
  9. Should have it next Tuesday. I have never played before, but I am pumped to learn. Anyone play Flamenco? or any tips on where to look online to learn Top: Solid AAA Canadian Cedar with Concentrated Lattice Bracing Back and Sides: Solid Indian Rosewood Side’s width 90 mm Body Binding: Indian Rosewood Neck: Solid African Mahogany with Ebony Stripe and 2-Way Truss Rod Fingerboard and Bridge: Ebony Nut & Saddle: Ox Bone Nut width: 52mm Tuning Machines: "Der Jung" with Black Buttons Headstock & Logo Designed by V.K. String: Savarez 540J String Scale:650MM Acti
  10. Cars are a horrible investment period....new or used I only lease. Every three years they get thier piece of shit back
  11. Just down the road from me......outside of my school district Maybe the libtards will try and ban knives now instead of addressing mental health http://news.yahoo.com/1-custody-pennsylvania-school-stabbings-121815117.html?vp=1
  12. Shocking this has'nt been resolved.......Hope things getter better for you all soon
  13. Bought a bottle of Cachaca years ago in Brazil......still unopened.....better buy some limes quick or never taste another Caipirinha!
  14. Wonder if this would work on my SAM 7K with milled receiver? http://centuryarms.com/DriveEngine/%7B1819697529%7DCIA_SB47%20Instructions.pdf http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q9l-BaYNEdg&feature=youtu.be Like this.....
  15. Pains me to sell but, wanting to buy a Cedar top Negra Flamenco guitar......so gotta sell something because they arent cheap! ADDED PICS AND DETAILS Can provide any other pictures you would like.....not a scratch on the rifle The color of the wood continues to look sweeter over time...... Saiga 7.62 x 39 (Original build by Cobra's Custom) Tapco Double Hook G-2 FCG Hotbarrel US made gas piston 1950's era Russian laminate HGs and PG Romanian laminate stock Bulgarian gas tube & cleaning rod Bulgarian 800m leaf sight US made 74'style brake threaded on and held
  16. Don't need a label Just make a Rectangular box approx. 3x5 with a black sharpie and write ORMD inside of it...... Do this on 3 or 4 sides of the box
  17. I ship UPS. Don't even really need to tell them its ammo, as long as you put ORMD on 3 or 4 sides of the box
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