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  1. Thanks, I am going to try that The wire looks shorter than normal though
  2. Well finally made it back to the range. The hammer spring is indeed walking off the trigger after a few shots. A fresh unfired round is loaded into the barrel, but the trigger doesnt reset, therefore....no boom. I slide the spring back onto the trigger and it fires a few rounds..... The trigger itself is nice, so is there an easy fix or should I replace some components?
  3. Most vendors are out of stock...... http://www.k-var.com/shop/SAM7-Series-7.62x39-Caliber-Bulgarian-Milled-Receiver-Rifles/ I wouldnt bother trying to save $100 going with someone else anyway.....KVAR has excellent customer service You may luck out and find one used (why bother though)......on armslist or gunsamerica.....etc
  4. Debbie Santana.....I was 21 and she was 34 Oh wait.....Vehicle?.....NM 1979 Ford Futura with a straight 6 Ugly as hell....slow as hell.....well over 200,000 I actually tried destroying the engine......ran without water for long periods of time.......ran low on oil forever and ever Damn thing wouldnt quit.....sold it to someone for $75 and he drove it for a long time after me.....
  5. Here is your answer on the Sam Folder.... Bud Quick (bud.quick@k-var.com) Add to contacts 8/15/13 Photos To: 'KENNETH CONAWAY' From: Bud Quick (bud.quick@k-var.com) You moved this message to its current location. Sent: Thu 8/15/13 10:50 AM To: 'KENNETH CONAWAY' (kenneth_conaway15@msn.com) Ken, the receiver is milled to accept the block and the block is pinned internally into the receiver. It could be removed, but it would entail a fair amount of the work, and the receiver has been modified to accept this block.
  6. I would like it if the leading and trailing edges were trimmed flush
  7. Your Eotech is on backward Dont own one of those
  8. Mine did too. I actually liked it so much, I brought it home. But it came with a steeper price. I hope it shoots as good or better than my Veprs to help me justify the price. WP_20140103_004.jpg WP_20140103_001.jpg The stock locks up solid as hell, but I really like the sling mount and the ability to operate it while the stock is folded, without removing optics. You will be impressed with its accuracy and lack of muzzle rise....good choice I wanted to purchase that one also, but I didnt have the cash back during the introductory price.....wasnt willing to pay the current...
  9. Dont know the odds....but they are plentiful (this mall is 10 minutes from me and hunting area) http://triblive.com/home/2249250-74/bear-authorities-dispatchers-store-frazier-mills-pittsburgh-baby-call-commission#axzz2p3ioYugA http://triblive.com/home/2253510-74/bear-police-christian-mall-smaller-saturday-animal-commission-game-longhorn#axzz2p3ioYugA They were prob after one of those tasty Chicken subs in the mall annex
  10. Just got official confirmation for (PA) from Game Commision Ken, As long as you have a concealed carry permit, you can carry any handgun, including a semi-automatic, for protection only, not hunting. Kindly, bh@pgc Taking a 5 hour course on the 15th for Utah Concealed carry permit.......allows me to carry in approx 39 states........
  11. Thought you were requesting "No Belt" options. RIght...no belt It clips over the top of my pants
  12. 10 round polymer and a metal 40 I think the spring walking off center on the trigger may have been it Cant get to the range for a few more days. I put the spring back into proper place and hand cycles several loads. I put the spring back into the improper spot that it traveled to and I got a jam...... Hopes its that simple I hate CTD myself, but for $560 shipped.....I'm ashamed to say I did it..... Thanks....I'll use this if I need to.....
  13. Picked up a decent "inside the pants" holster for $13 where I transferred the handgun Have to check on the brand......works great for me
  14. Need an inexpensive concealed holster.....I dont wear belts.....
  15. I understand. Not sure about black bear vs 7.62x39, that is a good question. I could see it at close range dealing damage to a cat like a mountain lion. x39 will take down a boar and they're pretty tough, go through briar bushes like cannonballs. You can get a Glock in .45 and get a conversion barrel for 10mm and shoot both .45 ACP and 10mm with the conversion barrel and 10mm mags. Picking up a Glock 21 SF Gen3 in three hours/////‏
  16. I did notice after I got home and tore it down that the spring on the safety side of the trigger was slide way to the inside.....away from the direction of the receiver wall. I just slid it over to the correct position now and hand cycled a dozen rounds through..... Guess I will hit the range tomorrow and focus on that area. With the spring in the position I describe....would that cause the trigger not to reset, but have a round in the chamber ready to go?
  17. Bought my son a Yugo OPAP from Cheaper than dirt a few months ago Received it with a nice split in the handguard....oh well....under $600 Noticed the rear sight block was tilted somewhat to the left....oh well.....under $600 Took it to the range today: I loaded 10 rounds into a mag and function tested for him.....no problem Let him shoot five rounds....just to get a feel for the light kick....no problem Decided he was ready to shoot: Pulled the trigger and round fired......then nothing, so I take the rifle and pull back the carrier and eject a unspent round. He must be l
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