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    two 8 round mags for sale

    I would think that Saiga Mags should sell for around $20.00 to $25.00 each retail once a bunch get into the system. Sure nothing special about them except they are in short suppy right now
  2. Thanks Deacon, MO is on the way. Let me know if you get any more.
  3. sr1911a1

    Concealed cary pistols

    Don,t forget the P11 Keltec for $250.00. Mine went 400 rds whren I frst got it before it got cleaned, no malfuntions. I carry it in my coat pocket in the winter. and use a belt clip in the summer.
  4. sr1911a1

    12 Ga Mags

    Thank You bvamp for the info.
  5. sr1911a1

    12 Ga Mags

    Could someone let me know how you can tell the 2 3/4 and 3 in mags apart by looking at them. I have 2 mags and I see no markings at all. I have no 3 in shells so I don,t know if they would fit in the mags I have. I also do not see a marking on the barrel So I will ask the people in the know. Thank you.
  6. sr1911a1

    two 7.62x39 Saiga Mags for sale

    I bought the 2 mags and it was a good deal for me. Cheers for JH he had them on the way to me before I could even get money on the way to him. I buy from him any day of the week. I have loads of 30 rd AK mags, but I kind of like the Saiga the way it is. Might put a side folder on it after Sept.Thanks John!
  7. Choate makes the best stocks , foregrips , side folders in the USA. Allso other high quality parts. It might pay us Saiga fans to e mail them and ask them to make stocks and other parts for the Saiga rifles and shotguns. Id sure love a side folder for the 12Ga Home defender after the Sept ban go,s away. As we hope.
  8. sr1911a1

    Home Defence 19 in.

    Thank you for the info Duffman. I forgot to ask about the Sight adjustment on the rail. I can't get the dial to turn. Is there a secret to it?. Also when I adjust the gas do I want the number by the the push down pin?. Can't find it in the manual. Thank you.
  9. sr1911a1

    New 19 in Defense Model

    Picked up a new Saiga shotgun today. Had intended to get the standard 20 or 12 Ga, But the dealer had one of the 19 inch Defense guns with the adjustable rib and made a offer I could not resist. So I cleaned it a couple of times and she is ready for the Range. I have allways owned short barrel pumps ect and just didn,t want to put allot of money into a Auto. But This is a price I could afford. I recently bought 2 Saiga short rifles and were very happy with them. So I have a few Questions. When in the bush I will carry Slugs and 00 Buck. What ammo is good at the range to have fun with? Any Brands that work well or not? Field loads ok? Does the protecter on the end of the barrel unscrew? I can't get it off by hand and don't want to mar the finish. I use Breakfree on all my guns and see no reason to go elsewhere. Any advice at all about the gun? Hope I can get a side folding stock for it after Sept. They are nice when you have to lug them around. Thanks for any input guys. I will let you know how it does at the range.