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  1. CnRnut

    Got Mags?

    You can scam someone else.. Good luck with your sale
  2. CnRnut

    Got Mags?

    Seller wanted family and friends payment and i sent normal plus 3.5% and he returned it.. Deal with caution....
  3. CnRnut

    Got Mags?

    I'll take this: 1 -- MD Arms 20rd drum for Saiga12 = $55.00 shipped message on the way for PP info..
  4. CnRnut

    Single Shot NO detachable mag S-12... NY compliant.

    Plug the gas ports, now it's no longer a semi-auto and you can have det. mags, folder, pistol grip....... Racking the carrier is better then single shot loading.
  5. CnRnut

    Reusing trigger guard on 5.45x39

    I replace the whole trigger guard with a Bulgie 74 unit. I do have a trigger guard rivet jig so that does help,but your going to want to reuse the selector stop from your Saiga.
  6. CnRnut

    Trigger stops

    Same thing can be done with a small "ball" of weld,then filed for function. I've done this on a number of AK types.
  7. CnRnut

    Tapco g2 hammer question?

    Take @ .055 off the right side. You want to to smooth the surface real good when done.
  8. CnRnut

    Underfolder Questions

    You need to cut for them.
  9. CnRnut

    Saiga gas tube WANTED

    I've got one I'd let go for $20 shipped.
  10. CnRnut

    quick conversion question.

    Recoil bushing?????
  11. CnRnut

    Saiga Underfolder Conversion

    Work has been keeping me from playing with my toy more. Here are a few "rough" pic's,in the "white, if you will.
  12. CnRnut

    Saiga Underfolder Conversion

    I guess I'm the newest member of the "folder club". Did mine yesterday. Will post a pic when she is all done.
  13. CnRnut

    My friends and family says I have a disease.

    This sums it up for me as well.
  14. CnRnut

    What are the mags your Sagia 5.45 run the best with?

    I've yet find a 5.45 mag my Saiga didn't like. That said,my loaded pouches have Polish steel mags in them
  15. CnRnut

    Bulgarian Parts Kit FSB and Gas Block

    I've used a vice as well on stubs,but the wood block works great when working on full barrels.