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  1. You can scam someone else.. Good luck with your sale
  2. Seller wanted family and friends payment and i sent normal plus 3.5% and he returned it.. Deal with caution....
  3. I'll take this: 1 -- MD Arms 20rd drum for Saiga12 = $55.00 shipped message on the way for PP info..
  4. Plug the gas ports, now it's no longer a semi-auto and you can have det. mags, folder, pistol grip....... Racking the carrier is better then single shot loading.
  5. I replace the whole trigger guard with a Bulgie 74 unit. I do have a trigger guard rivet jig so that does help,but your going to want to reuse the selector stop from your Saiga.
  6. Same thing can be done with a small "ball" of weld,then filed for function. I've done this on a number of AK types.
  7. Take @ .055 off the right side. You want to to smooth the surface real good when done.
  8. I've got one I'd let go for $20 shipped.
  9. Work has been keeping me from playing with my toy more. Here are a few "rough" pic's,in the "white, if you will.
  10. I guess I'm the newest member of the "folder club". Did mine yesterday. Will post a pic when she is all done.
  11. I've yet find a 5.45 mag my Saiga didn't like. That said,my loaded pouches have Polish steel mags in them
  12. I've used a vice as well on stubs,but the wood block works great when working on full barrels.
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