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  1. in a turrett with my trusty 240B, but mostly in my truck with a spotlight. no deer just pigs
  2. chinese or not it is still the best ak i have ever owned and the only one that didnt rattle,i think i like it so much cause its a pre ban.my amd 65 did it too till about 30 rounds, and my 308 did it after conversion.
  3. my mak 90 does this as well and has had 100s of rounds shot through it, guess it still aint broke in
  4. i got 2 of the warsaw stocks, but gave them to another forum member but still aint got to send em on account of not being able to get to the po to sendem cause i have been so damn busy at work. pretty sure hes gettin upset cause i aint sent em yet, but if you can get a choate dragunov stock, il trade you the one on my gun for it.
  5. why do only american parts rust on a saiga

  6. what if i bored out the inside of the brake maybe? i am really going for something at least 5 or 6 inches long just for the looks of it, and i dont have the cash for a dragunov brake. or maybe a tabuk style? t\the best i could find was the nodak spud one and its 45 bucks
  7. im not sure had people ask me that, i dont think so cause it has the buttplate with the springs on it to help compinsate for the recoil
  8. Exactly like that actually . . . did the stock just fit and screw naturally into the reciever (with the firing group moved up of course)? Perhaps it needs to be cut to fit? Just curious. Thanks! it just has the srews on the rear tang, no pg nut, it fit perfect, no cutting.
  9. happy b-day nailbomb

  10. make sure and put up a sign saying you have it, a kid in my bosses neighborhood was scratching his name backwards on car doors and his camera caught him doing it on his and the cops didnt do anything cause they said he didnt have up a sign.
  11. i see the facebook app, but can we twitter on here now? lol

    1. Makc


      You want twitter?

  12. i used the internal block that has the holes to put srews through the origional rivet holes that held in stock trigger, looks good on gun and gets rid of the holes, but need to put some lock tite on it cause after shooting about 100 goose loads this weekend i noticed they had came extremely loose. only problem other than that is that it is kinda hard to put pg nut in, cobra said that he notches the ones he used to that the pg nut fits.
  13. ok everyone thanks for all the tips, gonna test it out tomorrow, and let yall know how it went.
  14. Unsecured networks crack me up. This quote may go in my sig line Browneye... I'm seriously laughing out loud at this! Thanks! lol no prob, yeh i love how my computer just happens to make every network available in a matter of minutes.
  15. i have a crappy utg mount on it that looks tacky on the gun, and 1 inch rings, and a 24x scope. i feel the scope is a little much too, but it was a present from an ex gf. i would like to put a mount that goes from the rsb to rear trunion. think it would fit better and be more comfortable to look through the scope. do need to check and see if it is level. i fear that the utg was never intended to be used on a long distance gun. if i can just be able to hit mst at 300 yards, i will be happy, i can kentucky wind it, but who wants to do that. trying to post a pic, but whoevers internet im (borrowi
  16. About a month ago, i decided to sight in my 308, well i put a target at 300 yards and went to work, at the end, i was shooting too low and the scope was turned all the way up. this is the same at 100 yards and even 50 yards, anyone have a suggestion on why and how to fix?
  17. heres my gun almost finished,nothing special, just gotta get a galil handguard and my hk sights welded on, need some black 550 chord to wrap around stock, its a little cold on the cheek
  18. you could just do what i did and use as many origional parts of the fcg as you can to prevent it and just use stocks and other stuff for 922
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