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  1. I have a saiga 7.62 and a AR 5.56 and love them both. They have both never malfunctioned. I usually clean them both every 300 to 500 rnds so I can't say which of mine is the most reliable. The AR gets a bad rap as a "maintenance whore" and I think its not true. Swat magazine recently finished a test where they fired 32,000 rnds through a Bravo Company AR with no malfunctions. They never cleaned the gun. They just lubed it with Slip 2000 EWL whenever they tested it. I love my AK and would trust my life with it. But I think this and other recent test prove the newer AR's (not the vietnam era one
  2. I've got the Surefire polymer Tri-Rail handguard. Its fits on the gun solid as a rock and I've had zero isues with it so far. I've done some rapid fire mag dumps several times and heat has never been a problem either.
  3. I've had a Glock 21sf for 2years now it is very reliable but accuracy is another story. It is the most inaccurate pistol I've ever owned. I've shot everything from Blazer brass to Corbon in it and a 10in group at 20 yards is about it. I've installed the ghost 3.5lb trigger to try to help and it is no different.I've been shooting handguns for 25 years and my 1911,XD and Glock23 are all accurate so I don't see how it could be me. Anyone else using this gun or have any ideas on what might help. If the shtf I would never worry about reliability with this gun but I a firm beleiver in the saying "ac
  4. Alot of people on other forums and elsewhere seeem to think that in a shtf/apocolypse type situation 5.56/.223 ammo will be more available and more widely used than any other due to more people using it now and future ammo import restrictions. My shtf setup is in 7.62X39. Just wanted to get some opinions on this from you guys.
  5. MHSTC16


    Took my rifle out today. Fired 100rds. Checked the bolts after the first 60 and they were still tight. Fired the last forty and checked them again. And they were still very tight. Looks like its good to go now! I was just curious. How can I tell if my rifle is overgassed? And if it is will it hurt anything?
  6. MHSTC16


    Thanks for the feedback on this. Hopefully the loctite will put this to bed.
  7. MHSTC16


    You don't need the recoil buffer unless your gun is over-gassed. It won't reduce recoil, only prevent the bolt carrier from hitting the rear truncheon of your receiver if it's over gassed thus reducing wear and tear. A normal ak design doesn't make any (or at least very little) contact with the reciever. It shouldn't affect recoil or reliability in any case. Loctite should be enough to keep the screws in place. I'm going to shoot it tomorrow and see how it does. I'll probably shoot a couple of mags and check the bolts. I'm not really feeling any recoil on my shoulder with the 1 in. recoi
  8. I have 2 glocks the 21SF and the 23. I carry both with a round in the chamber and feel safe that way. I've seen the ATF video too but also there are thousands of officers and civilians that carry them everday with no problems. I have holstered and unholstered my glocks many times and never have any reason to put my finger on the trigger while doing it. When we carry a gun we need to be careful with every thing we do with it and not be careless with any aspect of using them. Alot of people avoid glocks because there is no external safety but at the same time would feel safe carrying a double ac
  9. MHSTC16


    I have an ACE fixed skeleton stock on my saiga 7.62. I love the stock but after firing about 200 rds the 2 allen bolts that hold the stock to the receiver were so loose that when I picked the gun up by the pistol grip after coming home from the range the butt stock came off and the rest of the gun was still laying in the case. I know now that I should have put loctite on the 2 bolts when I first bought the stock and put it on but I did get them very tight and honestly I didn't realize the bolt was hitting the rear of the receiver that hard. Also the instructions that came from ACE said nothing
  10. I have a red/green dot scope on my saiga 7.62 and love it for picking up the target fast. I also still have the stock irons on my rifle and would never change that because if the scope fails in a life or death situation I can quickly take off my side mount and start using the irons.
  11. I have it on my saiga. So far its been great. Mount goes on very solid and scope has held zero for 400 to 500 shots. Can't beat it for the price.
  12. I have factory night sights on my glock23. I'm not sure who makes them but they work really well. I have meprolight night sghts on my glock21sf that a glock armorer installed for me and I really like them as well. They both have green dots in front and back and that works for me. I also like the look of the xs ghost ring sights but I have never used them.
  13. They are generally large and the only safety is in in the trigger--have noted several buys blowing off their own kneecaps because the finger was on the trigger while holstering it, and should not have been. I here this alot from people that don't know that much about glocks and how they work. It is a striker fired pistol it does not work like a pistol with a firing pin. Look at it like a double action revolver. If it is loaded and you pull the trigger it will fire. But most people that say glocks aren't safe would not hesitate to carry a double action revolver and would feel safe with it.
  14. If doesn't have a bullet guide go with the surefire mags. They are the best for the stock saiga in any caliber including the shotguns. My buddy got a "good deal" on 3 promags at the gun show and 1 of them works reliably and the other 2 are junk.
  15. I agree! While I like this forum and have learned some good info here. I've also seen the attitude on alot of post that if your gun is not converted you are not worthy. Did we all by a piece of shit and spend a few bucks moving some parts around to then have a supreme rifle (real russian ak). I don't think so. My saiga 7.62 came right out of the box with as good a trigger as any "real ak" that I have fired and I have fired several. You can also modify a saiga to have enough u.s. parts to use high cap mags without doing a full conversion. And if the shtf I'll bet they will perform as well as th
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