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  1. If the receiver is slant cut, can the fcg be placed as rearward as the imported 030s we are seeing come in to the USA? If they are imported like the Legion Saiga 030s are in the "sporterized" version, It seems there will not be enough receiver to use if the slant cut is made. I am hoping that the receivers come in square due to this.
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    Thanks for the info!
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    Can you supply a link to the 8 round mags? Thanks
  4. I.O. Inc expects to get in VEPR 12 shotguns in mid May. There will be a choice in the "030" style shotguns with the front sight/gas block combo as one unit,
  5. And no flash hider on the saiga 12. Compensator is OK, combo door breech/flash hider is a no no.
  6. It's from another forum- 67- corvette rat- chevy big block engine rag- convertible Oh, NOW it makes sense.
  7. http://www.deryabin-oruzhie.ru/catalog/?id=207 Have seen this and several variants on the web. No knob to change gas setting. Hinged top cover. Bolt the same? No puck?
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