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  1. Glad you're still with us and on the mend. Get well and stay busy.
  2. Tactical Machining blanks worked in a 80-lower jig have turned out good for me. I've heard good things about Modulus Arms too. Moderate mechanical aptitude required. Watch the youtube vids and follow instructions. Economically, Mullet Man is right. Pretty tough to beat current prices on 100% lowers. But, there's a certain satisfaction in shooting a rifle (or pistol) that you finished. If you haven't already, check out ar15armory : Good bunch of knowledgeable folks who don't 'bash the new guy'.
  3. 7N6: military surplus 5.45x39, steel-cased, corrosive primed, 52-53 gr bullet with copper-washed mild steel jacket, mild steel core & airspace in jacket to induce core shift forward & violent, early tumble in soft targets. 1080 rounds in a tin or 'spam-can'. SGA: SGammo.com. Make sure to follow corrosive primer cleaning protocols after shooting. Most accurate ammo out of my SGL-31, under 1.5 MOA. YMMV. Favorite com-block optic, Po 3.5x21P, is calibrated to the ballistics of this load.
  4. Apparently, they found a few tins of 7N6 at SGA. Going fast at $229.50 a tin, limit 1 each.
  5. Tin of 7N6 (limit:1) case of 30 carbine & a couple boxes 45-70 (both PPU) from SGA
  6. I remembered your birthday twice: once too early and once too late. Happy belated Birthday!
  7. Faxon pencil AR barrel, BAD Ti gas-block, TACCOM ultralight compensator: Also, actual mil-spec (drilled & pinned button) forward assists from BCM: Due to experiencing this: Also trying out Imgur now, since photobucket has gone 'full coprolite'.
  8. I have to say the recent but incredibly far reaching fad of every one using "7.62" as a complete caliber description in conversation should be on this list somewhere. As near as I can tell, the video gamers who bought into firearms at the last major scare started talking like that so that they would sound like old hands with guns. I get that from a few friends of that description. I keep telling them that it makes them sound more ignorant, rather than familiar, but they continue. I think this will stick. As much as I think the pedantry about clip/magazine is pointless, this one bugs me a lot.
  9. Looks like somewhere between Agate & Alliance Nebraska will be closest for me. Low population density & no big towns close by. Have to watch the weather and hope there'll be clear skies somewhere between Caspar & Grand Island...
  10. If you get a .30 carbine Blackhawk & decide to try the Tula ammo, I'd advise getting ONE box to try it out, NOT a whole case. Rough-assed steel cases tend to stick in carbine, requiring a cleaning rod to knock 'em loose. Might not be as bad in a revolver but I wouldn't count on it. Remington & Prvi ammo work for me, YMMV.
  11. ^^^This^^^ I have a Miculek comp on a 16" barrel upper. Muzzle rise is pretty much eliminated, but muzzle blast/concussion is obnoxious, rivaling SVT Tokarev. 7.5" barrel muzzle blast would probably be stunning. In this case, your literal best 'bang-for-the-buck' would be a 7.5" AR pistol. Snub 460 mag might run slightly higher muzzle pressure. Lots more $, but apparently quite effective if you're looking for 'Holy cow! WTF?' reactions at the range. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sp5mT8bg1Cs
  12. Finally got around to watching 'Bone Tomahawk' last night. Holy cow! Not a movie for the squeamish... Kurt Russel is still in fine form.
  13. No, no and F no. Stay in your state and tell these shit heads to FOAD. Your state sucks because you have let these turds get away with this and leaving isn't going to accomplish shit. Whatever you do don't come to Texas. We are full. Hello "News Flash"! Gov. Abbot declares that no new Texas residents will be registered unless they bring Assault-type weapons and adequate ammo for every family member, drive a pickup or SUV, (Prius not allowed) and have a "Hillary for Prison" sticker pre-mounted on their bumper. Those not meeting the above requirements will be sold to a Cartel south of
  14. Really haven't had a problem either way. That's with a SAW grip on the Arsenal & M76 and later Ronin's grips 'Mongo' on the PAP. Might bite a little if you have big hands & run standard 'popsicle stick' grip?
  15. Pretty much dropped right in IIRC.
  16. Echo93 makes sling attach plates for under the grip. LH/RH & ambidextrous. Here's one on my SGL31: I have another on my M-85.
  17. Hmmm... Handguard kinda reminds me of an FG-42, stock & grip are reminiscent of MG-34. I like it.
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