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  1. Stock set is sold This four piece stock set is a take-off from my Arsenal SGL-21. The components are US made, Warsaw Pact length buttstock and will fit stamped AK47/74 variants. The hand guard has a heat shield. Comes with cleaning kit that fits in buttstock. Pistol grip comes with screw and t-nut. The stock set is used and shows some abrasion that I've tried to capture in the pics. For the most part it's in great shape and the abrasion is only on the buttstock. This rifle was babied so I'm not even sure if it's abrasion or just some funkiness in the plastic. K-Var sells this set n
  2. I bought two Tapco G2 trigger groups for Saiga conversions but only needed one. This one has never been used and was removed from the package only for these photos. $23 shipped to you via USPS in the Continental US
  3. I started this thread in Feb 2010. It's now Jan 2012... and I finally got my Hogue furniture in desert tan! The time went by really fast... I'll post pics once I get the stuff on my conversion. Overall I'm really happy with the quality of the parts.
  4. Holy moly! I started this thread in Feb 2010 and placed an order for a set of handguards. After a few weeks I got frustrated and got a refund. I guess I'm glad I did. Volkov, you're a patient man for sure! I think they look good and I'm still interested. However I'm interested in desert sand and who knows when other colors will be shipping.
  5. [They're listed for sale on Optics Planet website but no indication of whether or not they're in stock... and no pics. edit: Sent them a note and got this reply, "At this moment, the item you have inquired about is not in stock."
  6. Interesting that I should stumble on to this thread. A few days ago I went to a local group shoot and a friend of mine brought an AK bullpup (the one in your "before" pic). I had seen this thing on the web and immediately thought it was a stupid idea on top of being incredibly ugly. Then I shot it... Even with a so-so trigger this thing is a sweet shooter. The layout and the manner in which you grip the weapon made me feel much more in control of it and lessened the perceived recoil. I had just shot my arsenal AK so I was able to compare the two. I also felt like I got a better che
  7. I recently contacted Ken at Hogue through email and through the sigforum which he frequents to get an update. "There has not been a firm ship date made. Work is continuing on these models. I did see the machine cutting electrodes last weeks so progress is moving forward. The last time frame was projected Sept/Oct. As the product is nearing completion, I will do my best to keep the Forum people posted."
  8. I also have the Primary Arms Micro Dot and am extremely pleased with it. However I've only used it on a 22 rifle so I can't say how it would stand up to recoil on an AK. I have no doubt it would be fine though.
  9. Excellent job! I've been wanting to add an underfolder to the toolbox. A Saiga UF would be the best of several worlds. I had thought about picking up a parts kit to do the swap, nice to hear that it works out well. I'm not much of a welder so I'd probably bolt the trunnion. I'm a woodworking hobbyist and I have a nice slab of tiger maple stashed away. Been thinking about turning it into AK furniture, I think it would look amazing.
  10. Nice! Details? Did you replace the rear trunnion?
  11. They've been listed on the website since February. I would email first to find out if they're shipping.
  12. Peach State offers a discount to forum members
  13. The sling I bought for Appleseed is the CJ Weapons AR-15 cotton web sling from Midway. It was recommended to me by a friend who attended an Appleseed event. In order for it to work with a Saiga or other AK you'd need 1.25" swivels front and back. The sling has a simple loop on one end and a 1.25" hook on the other. In order to configure it for Appleseed the 1.25" hook would need to attach to the handguard. Rather than buy extra bits to modify the sling you're probably better off getting the K-Var sling mentioned above or a surplus AK sling.
  14. I just got one of those GI slings from Midway for an upcoming Appleseed. I can check when I get home to see if it will fit on my AK without modifications. Since buying this sling I've also decided to make a few of my own since I need several more. I found a great tutorial on the Beretta Forum that inspired me to order some supplies and give it a try. He lists a vendor for nylon webbing. The GI sling I bought is actually cotton webbing which I was able to find online at Jontay Distributors.
  15. The 24x1.5 threads are part of the front sight block. You are correct, you could cut off that part of the shroud and thread your barrel to 14x1. I'm thinking you have a very good reason for doing this? I have a 14x1 threaded barrel on my Saiga and I'm thinking about installing an AK fsb so I can have the 24x1.5 threads and more importantly the spring pin that holds the muzzle brake in the correct orientation. You'll lose that little feature if you go through with your plan.
  16. I've ordered from some of the vendors suggested here as well as Cope's Distributing who have non-corrosive Ulyanovsk and Brown Bear 500rd cases for decent prices ($110 and $115) with a flat rate of $7.95 for shipping. I've ordered from them several times and my experiences have been good. It's also the cheapest shipping I've been able to find lately.
  17. I haven't done it yet but was also thinking of painting the stock Saiga handguard. I did some research on the various forums and my local box stores. Krylon Fusion for plastic Rustoleum also has a plastic specific paint and more intriguing Rustoleum Textured Paint for Plastic. Since I'm just experimenting I don't feel the need to try Duracoat or Alumahyde on plastic furniture but they are other options.
  18. I'm a no-rails kinda guy myself. Although my preference is for wood furniture I fancied an AK in desert sand. The rubber overmold seemed like a more attractive option to me than just plastic. I'm still willing to give it a look when they finally bring product to market but I'm guessing that won't be till summer.
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