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  1. Hello all I've finally worked out all the bugs on my 24 inch saiga 12 and wow it's cycles the low brass cheap stuff great. Now that that's all good I'm looking for Ideas how to set up my shotgun. It already has a poly choke on it since I was planning to shoot some skeet from time to time. Any ideas or pictures would be helpfull Thanks again for the help.
  2. Well it's been a while since my last post and I finally shot my saiga after enlarging the two ports. Pleased to say she cycles perfect now. Its nice to know with everyone's help here and not being afraid to follow the advice that was given I could get the results I wanted. Thanks again
  3. Thanks for everyone's help after I hit the range I'll post on how she worked out. Thanks again
  4. Well I removed the gas block and enlarged my two ports haven't shot it yet, question if that doesn't help how bad of an idea would it be to drill a third port after without removing the gas block. It was not easy to remove the first time and not sure if I want to remove it again. I've seen guys drill ports in the opposite angle before with good results, I'm just not sure if one port in the opposite angle would cause things to get gunked up in the gas puck area? Thanks again
  5. Just wondering if any one knows how big ports should be on my 24 inch saiga, I've been told that 2 ports are common on that length barrel. But even after some polishing and a low brass reliability kit it still won't cycle the shells all the time. It is better than before but not perfect. Thanks for any info
  6. How does yor 24 inch saiga 12 work after u made the changes. I also have the same 24 inch saiga with 2 ports, RAA sent me out a lighter recoil spring which i put in and i also polished the internals but havent shot it yet. Ive heard this should work what do you think. Thank Much greekjeep

  7. Question looking for any sugestions on what type of tools (fine sandpaper,dremil tool) and pads I need to polish the insides of my saiga 12. Also what areas do you guys find a must and not so important.Thanks much Greekjeep
  8. Thank you for your imput on this topic, hopefully this will take care of the issue. Thanks again Greekjeep
  9. How do open the ports,Im not affraid to try just dont know what to do.
  10. Back again I have ran over 300 rounds of high brass thru my saiga 12 with a 24inch barrel, and it still wont cycle low brass at all.Ive tried a new twister gas puck and a gunfixers gas plug with no luck. So I called RAA Saiga today, they told me that they have heard of this issue and would send me out a weaker recoil spring. That and making sure the rails are lubed will do the trick, will this work? My saiga only has two ports but I hear that is fine for the 24inchers, the only other change Ive done to the gun was changing the stock to a tapco retractable stock(which I like) any info would be
  11. Havent been on in a while, my saiga 12 is a 24inch model that i bought new around one year ago. The first time it was shot it would only cycle high brass,I replaced the puck with a twister puck and a gun fixers gas plug hopeing this would do the trick,no go. My saiga only has two ports which I was told is common for the 24inch models and should cycle fine after the breakin period. I have ran 250 rounds of high brass thru it, maybe that not enough yet? I hate to think that I can only shoot the high brass any info back would be great. Thanks again Greekjeep
  12. I have a new saiga with a 24inch barrel after I shot about 100 rounds of high brass thru it with no problems I went with low brass. I shot many different types of low brass ammo and it would not cycle, My saiga has two ports and the gun had been cleaned from the last time I shot it. Should I just keep shooting high brass for a few hundred more rounds any help would be great. Thanks Greejeep
  13. Thanks for all the info it puts my mind at ease that two ports are normal for a 24 inch barrel. Next thing to do is go out and shoot it. Thanks again
  14. Hello new to the forum and saiga shotguns. I just bought a new 24 inch shotgun ( wanted to use it for clay piegons and small game) reading on the forum that there may be issues with 12 gauge shotguns with only 2 ports . I think mine only has 2 ports , havent had time to shoot it yet. Does anyone have any info on this issue and if it does have a problem would a new gas plug help me . Thanks for any info
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