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  1. Why shouldn't you dig deep for answers? Do you blindly believe everything that CNN and Fox News tells you? Maybe you might learn something and change your narrow minded view on such things if you looked into these subjects deeper. The US has many socialized aspects already. I think the vast majority of people do not understand what socialism even is.
  2. How is it a fact? The overwhelming amount of evidence suggests otherwise. http://blog.nj.com/njv_john_farmer/2010/05/if_obamas_policies_are_sociali.html
  3. You can believe that Obama is a socialist all you want, but remember that tactic failed last election.
  4. Those are weak reasons. Obama is no more of a "socialist" than the last President. http://useconomy.about.com/od/candidatesandtheeconomy/a/Obama-Bush-Economy.htm My reasons for disliking Obama are much more significant. How about the fact that Mr.Obama escalated conflict in the middle east? He vowed to end the war in Afghanistan, and instead he upped the effort. And he won a phony Nobel peace price award. Or what about the unnecessary conflict in Libya? Obama has wasted billions of dollars on pointless wars and military spending. All that money could have been used to stimulate the economy
  5. Uh no actually, according to the worst president in our history, the war on terror is over and we are currently conducting an "overseas contingency operation". November can NOT get here fast enough -- if "we" re-elect the worst president in our history, then we deserve everything that's coming. What would George Dubya do any differently? Obama's foreign policy is not radically different from Dubya. I don't really get why the hard right hates Obama so much. I don't think the other guy is going to do any better, he might do worst in fact.
  6. What some people don't understand is that sick bastards like these guys exist in all cultures and strides. Look at what Americans did in Abu Ghraib. Maybe it's anti-Islam, but it's not racist because Islam isn't a race.
  7. I love how John Mccain goes on Fox News saying we should give weapons to the Syrian rebels when they are the same type of people that committed these immoral acts.
  8. I haven't tried the particular one, but I have tried peep sights on the AK and didn't like it. The usefulness of the peep sight is largely defeated when it's that far away. When you use it at farther distances, you'll probably see this. It's not cheap, but I've found the best solution to AK sights is a red dot.
  9. For all intents and purposes, it does look very much like a standard 1mm receiver found on Saigas.
  10. If they just copied the Saiga bullet guide thing, that would be enough for me. Or how about they import 16 inch barreled AK pistol. No SBR tax.
  11. I tried Mojo peepsight that go in the place of the rearsight slot, I didn't like them much. Too far away from the eye. Doesn't mean you won't though. Krebs makes a dust cover rail that as an integrated peepsight that's on the dust cover. No sight radius issues. I'd get that if wasn't $$$$. Myself, I found optics to be the best solution to AK iron sights.
  12. I think Russian handguns are banned from importation. So the only way would be a Saiga type configuration. I hope its a thumbstole stock with the regular AK trigger configuration though.
  13. I like the idea a lot, just don't like replacing internal parts.
  14. Does the Saiga have two bolt lock lugs in the recesses of the receiver or barrel extension? Thanks.
  15. True, there is no magical one shot drop round. I imagine there are people who have survived every caliber in use. As you said all bullets are deadly, but It's not a question of being able to kill, it's a question of how reliably can they kill. And it's a fact that some calibers will do it better then others. You wouldn't carry a .22 LR over a .45 acp. yOU CAN'T ASK HOW RELIABLE THEY CAN KILL THAT DEPENDS ON THE SHOOTER... THEY ARE ONLY AS RELIABILE AS YOUR AIM..... BESIDES A 22 IS A HORRIBLE WEAPON TO GET SHOT WITH THE BULLET WILL NOT EXIT AND INSTEAD JUST BOUNCE AROUND INSIDE DOING
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