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    Picture Post,lets see your 7.62x39

    With Aimpoint With Primary Arms 4x ACSS
  2. dmk0210

    Picture Post ,Lets see your .223!

    With Aimpoint With 1-4x Mueller Speed Shot
  3. dmk0210

    Scope Mount

    Not only that, but with the AKR rail, you will use a set of rings to mount your scope to the rail. So you get the appropriate height rings to make the objective clear. With an AK though, a smaller objective will help a lot with mounting the scope low.
  4. dmk0210

    Scope Mount

    I have gone through a half dozen mounts for my AKs over the years. TWS, Ultimak, a bunch from Kalinka. I recently got the RS 301 with the appropriate upper for my Aimpoint through Brownells. It is without a doubt the best mount I have seen for the AK to date. It is the only one I've ever been completely happy with. I'm sorry I wasted all that money on the Kalinka crap and the TWS and Ultimak are going up for sale to pay for another RS 303 with an AKR rail http://rsregulate.com/optics.php
  5. Is Izhmash still make the 20" barreled 308 Saigas? If so, who's selling them?
  6. dmk0210

    I got a 7.62x39 and .....

    I ordered a .223 first, then added a .308 to the order. I debated due to the much higher price. A few months later I came across a 7.62x39 in a pawn shop. I went back later and bought it too. Maybe it's a sickness?
  7. dmk0210

    Hornady TAP 75 grain checks out OK

    What distance? I shoot 75gr TAP and Black Hills in my 1/9 twist ARs out to 100y, no problems and very accurate. However, I've had folks tell me that it will start to get unstable and spread out out at 200y or so. I haven't been able to get to a range with enough distance to try it myself.
  8. dmk0210

    WTB Saiga gas tube

    I have a spare one too.
  9. dmk0210

    Cool find in a pawn shop

    I was browsing in a local pawn shop with a friend the other day and while I was showing him some of the AKs (he's not a gun guy), I noticed a new Saiga 'x39 among the various mall-ninja'd Romanians. It nagged at me the rest of the day while I daydreamed about what I could do with it, so went back with some cash after work. Got it for $350 which isn't bad in my area (the Romanians were selling for $550-600 BTW). No receiver dimples, but it has the slots for the handguard retainer, plus it has a 14x1 threaded muzzle! I already have it stripped down for the conversion. It's getting a Phantom flash suppressor, Romanian FSB, Bulgarian Gas Block, handguard retainer and trigger guard/mag latch, G2 trigger, Hogue grip, Arsenal/K-Var stock and lower handguard, Ultimak gas tube mount and an Aimpoint Compc3. This puppy is gonna rock.
  10. dmk0210

    Saiga 5.56/.223 mag dimples??

    My '09 has 'em.
  11. dmk0210

    Csspec where you at? I need some mags!!!!!!&#

    Sent you a PM for another 5 mags...
  12. dmk0210

    FBMG mags vs Surefire?

    Thanks for the replies guys. I think I'll try a couple of those metal ones.
  13. dmk0210

    Tangless with a TWS beryl project

    Sorry about that man. If it makes you feel better, I had just got my 1st gen TWS rail when I found out about that one coming. Maybe it's an excuse to buy another AK and use both!
  14. dmk0210

    Tangless with a TWS beryl project

    You guys do know that a new TWS rail is in the woks that will not require a rear tang? http://www.ar15.com/forums/topic.html?b=4&f=56&t=111659&page=26
  15. The regular AK handguard is held in place by the handguard retainer at the front. No screw is required at the rear. Now, getting the retainer at the front to work, that's the trick.