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  1. as macho man randy use it say; thought I would pass this along, for those that have AK74 (5.45) rifles and want more capacity then the 45 round mags, COPE'S has them in stock right now! with the lowest price on the net! 124 with 9.95 flat rate shipping. I already bought a couple as christmas present to myself and to let you also know, the feedtower on these drums are slotted for the AK74 speed loader. so for those of us, like me, that have a ton of 5.45 rounds on stripper clips, loading these will be fast and easy. best of all for us Ohioans, Ohio based COPE'S unlike the other 2 dimwitted firearms companies that are based in ohio (AIM and SOG) know how to read and comprehend the law, they will sell these to ohio residence!
  2. and besides traffic tickets, just about anything that is small and petty you might get charged with is also consider a misdemeanor. get cited for high grass and have to go to magistrate court, you come out with a misdemeanor charge if found guilty. which is particular why this bill address it, some sheriffs took it upon themselves that just because a person has a misdemeanor(s) charge(s) that gave them a reason to deny them a CCW. those are same type of 'public officials" that don't believe that citizens should even own a handgun for protection, let alone carry one for protection. they believe that only cops should own handguns not john q. public.
  3. no, a traffic ticket is a misdemeano, it's a criminal charge a infraction is just a violation or infringement of a law, that is not a charge
  4. like the old saying, it ain't over 'till the fat lady signs. this isn't law yet until kaisch signs the bill to become law. right now all the good news now is that the legislators passed the bill
  5. forgot to add, all this is if Kasich signs the bill and not veto it.
  6. I thought that this bill passing would be on every gunboard, but I only found it on one and it was in the ohio hometown forum. I guess good news doesn't spread like bad news does on garboards. so I thought I would post what is in SB234; allows hunting with silencers eliminates the stupid definition that a automatic weapon is also any semi-auto center fire weapon with a magazine that holds more then 31 rounds. that means you no longer have to be looking behind you when you put that loading 100 round BETA DRUM in your AR, now you can go to a public range with it, insert it with a big smile and shoot away mandates that sheriffs "must sign" NFA forms, when a background check on the individual shows that he is not barred from owing a firearm. and just like a CCW sign off, a individual can go a adjoining county for a Sherriff signature. that means for you guys like me that live in Cuyahoga, or as I call it corruptahoga county, you can go to medina, lake, geauga counties (pro-gun) for signatures. or if you want to deal with summit and lorain. having a misdemeanor (traffic ticket etc..) will no longer be justification for a Sheriff not signing your CCW application. when buying a firearms from a FFL, your CCW license is your background check, so there would be no need for the FFL to call NICS where you might possibly be delayed. ohio CCW has reciprocity with ALL CCW states. and any ohio resident can now buy a long gun, shotgun from any FFL in any state, not just adjoin states, providing that that state doesn't prohibit the sale to a out of state resident. this does not include handguns, those will still have to bought intrastate or transferred to a ohio FFL
  7. was on YOUTUBE and of course a commercial came up was going to hit the SKIP IT button was curious to see the entire commercial when santa stomach started growling;
  8. that's because you need the right person to lead it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XazOmi4yIbU
  9. yeah great, so he got in cheap. once he is sworn in he'll become just all the rest of them, padding his bank account from "special interest" and doing their bidding. but you go on and daydream that he'll be the "knight in shiny armor" coming to the rescue.
  10. oh how cute, just like voting you believe that writing or calling your masters will make a difference. got news for you, they couldn't give a shit what you say or want. you and anybody else that didn't give them millions of dollars for their "campaign' are just farts in the wind. what you say or want is meaningless. but if makes you feel like you're doing something then by all means go ahead and call them, but when doing that go ahead and masturbate at the same time, that way in the end. you'll have a little something to show for it
  11. you don't need to go through that nutroll, something like you want already exist, it's called the KUSHNAPUP conversion for the S12 recoil spring behind the bolt; check bullpup style; check detachable magazine; check
  12. well my name is Miles Gloriosus, they even wrote a song about me
  13. could be ATLANTIC MONTHLY didn't have enough articles to cover that month (dec) so they re-ran the article. or the other possibility, and more probable why that is, someone on the website screwed up and ran the same article with 2 different dates. that's the problem when you go back decades to post old articles, you get different people uploading old stuff that it gets confusing after doing that for a long time.
  14. I believe that screen name, poolingmyignorance, is really your legal name
  15. the military has been conducting exercises such as this since the 70s, most notable near FT. Bragg (Fayetteville), a lot of civilian have volunteered to be "insurgents" along with military personnel guiding them, and as such no military-coup or other hair-brained theory has ever happened or will happen. this is just more foil hat nutjobbery. I swear a lot of you guys are hammer forging that aluminum foil on your head with ball peen hammer
  16. you're on the internet, it should be easy to find out "what happened", though it did happen 67 years ago
  17. if given the choice between a KREBS or CSS sight, I would opt for neither, I will stick with the factory one on the SG a bolt on front sight looks like a bubba trailer park add on you're putting a good bit on money to make this SBS, why go with the bubba look for the front sight? but, if you have your heart set on one of the two, then get the one that's least expensive
  18. like was stated earlier, it's staged. BTW, sometimes the worst part of a thanksgiving dinner, is you have relatives over. sometimes it's better just to have thanksgiving dinner by yourself or with your significant other, and gives thanks that you didn't invite the drama club (relatives) over
  19. sjgusmc21 hope you get your cell phone straighten out soon, otherwise this just might be you if you go too long without one
  20. there, that is more truthful. "ak operators union" oh shit, that one ranks down there with calling a wannabe fantasy camp as "training" and god that fake accent, it sounds like something from a low budget movie that was made by Ed Wood
  21. Your just an old geezer who most likely still licks stamps... yep, I also don't follow the mind numb masses, like lemmings going over a cliff, simply because everybody has a cell phone so I should have one also. I can find a lot better use for that money rather then throw it away every month on something that really isn't needed, unless your business or job requires it.
  22. yeah, that'll show that global multi-billion dollar corporation they can't push you around
  23. I don't have any problems or drama with any of them, because I don't have a cell phone. people are some of the dumbest critters on this planet, they come out with a mobile phone, bombard the airwaves with advertisements, "special offers" etc.... and just about ever fricken person on this planet believes they need one oh my fucking god! what did we do before cell phones? talk about slavery, people are slaves to these gizmos and will do stupid things to get the "latest and greatest" like waiting 2 days in line of buying one and paying stupid amounts for all the charges and fees associated with the "privilege" of having one so they can stick to the side of their heads, blabbing constantly to someone else about nothing. these phones have turned the entire planet into women, blabbing just to blab about nothing honestly if you take a look at what 99.9 percent of the time you use these things for, it's more then not you are just blabbing away about nothing, like what brand of tampons you need to pick up when your wife calls you and if she needs the "light day" or "heavy day". how did your bowel movement go? where are you? how come you didn't call me? etc.... etc..... etc..... if every single cell tower died in this world, I'm convinced that nearly the entire population of the planet will fall down go into the fetal position and go into convulsions because they can't get anybody to talk/text/tweet twat to
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