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    What kind of accuracy are you getting from your Saiga 308?

    I get 1.5-2 MOA now that I have switched from the M118LR with 175gr. bullets to the lighter 147gr.-155gr. handloads on once fired M118LR match brass. I have done some massaging to the rifle to get it to do that though, plus I have had thousands of rounds down range since I was 5 years old. Grew up in WV, dad was hardcore military man, so I have had plenty of practice, but I'm still not as good as I should be. But I am very pleased with 1.5-2 MOA, thats the same as my Armalite AR10A2 with 20" brl, half the price. Saiga has the 21" brl. Nh
  2. kalashnikovian

    DEZ Arms adj. gas block.

    I was wondering if anyone has installed one of these, I have thought about installing one on my 308. Because I am waiting for a new .30cal silencer. They have one for .592 dia. and .610 dia. barrels, which I need to get the caliper out to check out my S-308 barrel. I don't know what the O.D. is on it. But I happened across this and thought it mat be interesting. Thanks for looking. BTW, the website is dezarms.com.
  3. Hello every one, I am looking for someone to make a custom stock for me. The stock is from a very rare FN 30-11 sniper rifle that is based on an FN mauser action. I just need someone to do the general shaping and inletting of this stock. I would supply the blank and would be willing to cover whatever charges it would take to make this stock. I just need it shaped and inletted for a standard mauser action, I would finish it, install the hardware, and do the final fitting and inletting. Below is the link to some pics of the stock, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Nh http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=153827448 BTW, I just want the pieces to be solid, in the pics it is hollow and adjustable for length of pull, but I just want a solid piece instead. Thanks again.
  4. kalashnikovian

    Factory 8 rounder to 10 rounds.

    Thanks for the info. The mod worked great for all three 8rd. mags I have. I work in engineering and I have to say your measurements were very exact. Nice job, I recommend this to anyone who is interested. Nh
  5. kalashnikovian

    Newbie with a barrel question.

    Awesome, thanks very much. I'll give them a shout and see what they say. Nh
  6. kalashnikovian

    Newbie with a barrel question.

    I had thought about that, but like you said the chrome lined bore will be hard to ream, and I don't know what effect it would have on the throat, where the newly reamed chamber meets the old chrome lining. If I do decide to have a new barrel made for it I will use the same reamer that SA uses on their M1A match chambers. Because as you mentioned, a tight chamber won't work in a semi, with a bolt rifle is one thing, but it would be bad to have an out of battery incident because of the case not going into the tight chamber. Which is one of the problems I've been thinking of. Thanks very much for the input and you're interest. Have a good one. Nh
  7. kalashnikovian

    Check this out.

    Yeah, that's pretty interesting. I can't decide if I like it or not, I like the concept of it though.
  8. kalashnikovian

    Newbie with a barrel question.

    After some research, I am going to try some lighter bullets. I have read that the S-308 has a twist rate of around 1:12 +/-, I have been shooting my M118LR loads in it with 175gr. bullets. I bet I could get better accuracy out of a 147-150gr. VLD or something like that. I'll work up some loads on my Match brass and see what I find out. I've been getting 2.75" - 3.25" groups with the M118LR. I don't see how it could hurt to use lighter bullets with that slower twist. I guess I'm used to the faster twist on the M1A's. I'll post some info. on the project when I'm done. Thanks. Nh
  9. kalashnikovian

    243 Conversion (khyber pass RPK)

    Hey, if you could, please let e know who turned the barrel for you, or if you did it yourself. I am looking for someone to do a barrel like this for me. Thanks.
  10. kalashnikovian

    Check this out.

    What is this thing? http://test.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.asp?Item=153442536 It says a Saiga 308 with a 1919 barrel, I've never seen anything like it. Crazy?
  11. kalashnikovian

    Newbie with a barrel question.

    This is exactly what I'm looking to do, except I want to stay with the original barrel profile,"O.D." so I can use factory gas blocks. If anyone on the forum has the equipment to manufacture a quality barrel, please let me know if you can make this type of barrel for me. I will buy the reamers, and all the tooling needed to complete the project. http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?showtopic=31241 I would like to enter a Saiga into the Service Rifle competitions, and also give an option to those who want better accuracy out of their S-308's. If I can find someone to do one of these, I will purchase the reamers and tooling, etc., and I will copy down all of the measurements and set-ups to do it again, and hopefully reasonably priced. Thanks again.
  12. kalashnikovian

    Newbie with a barrel question.

    Hey everyone, I was just wanting to say a couple of things about my post. I was not knocking the Saiga 308 when I said that the chamber dimensions were "sloppy", I mean that from a match rifle stand point. The S-308 is an excellent rifle. As far as a battle rifle, I think that the S-308 is one of the best I've ever seen. I really like this rifle, ever since I bought it, I just wanted to see how much I could squeeze out of one. It may not be possible, but I would enjoy trying anyway. I got the idea from a PTR-91 that I helped a friend convert over to an MSG-90 style rifle. We had to install a trunnion extension, and all types of stuff, and it was really expensive, mostly because the cost of the parts. The new PSG-1 barrel we installed was a grand by itself. After it was complete I really loved the rifle, and we achieved pretty good results. We got .95" - 1.3" groups, but I don't think it was worth the oney on that one. My friend just happened to be an HK freako, the same way I'm an AK freako, but I think that the same could be achieved with the Saiga-308 platform. Much cheaper, and maybe even more accurate. I have been looking into designing some internal rails to strengthen the receiver and help with flexing. I am also trying to design a way to mount the handguard without excess barrel pressure, which will help free float the barrel,"well except for the gas block" I was thinking of an extension that is directly in front of the receiver,"like a trunnion extension" that the handguard mounts on to. Thanks again for your time, and I hope that everyone has a great day.
  13. kalashnikovian

    Newbie with a barrel question.

    Hello everyone, first off, I would like to say that this site is an excellent info source. Everyone seems to be really helpful, and I'm glad to be a part of this forum. I have a question about my S-308, I skimmed over the pages of this forum but didn't really see the topic I was looking for right off. I hope that I'm not posting a redundant post. I am interested in possibly rebarreling my Saiga, the chamber dimensions and tolerances are a little sloppy, and I would like to have a little longer barrel with a tighter chamber. I know alot of guys will say that it isn't worth the money, and that if I want better semi-auto accuracy I should just invest the money in a FNAR, or AR-10, M1A, etc. But I really like the Kalashnikov platform and am trying to develop some new ways to make the Saiga 308 compete with the upper price range rifles. The S-308 that I own is one of my favorite rifles, and I think it has major potential to hold it's own with the AR's and M1A's. I am willing to try and spend as much as it takes to make a prototype that could possibly be modified cheaper in the future. If anyone knows of a company or a single person who would be interested in making a new barrel, or has made barrels like this in the past, please let me know. I would greatly appreciate it. What I hope to accomplish is to find a way to bring the Saiga 308 into the competition rifle arena, where it could be modified fairly easily and also be affordable, reliable, and practical. These are the specs I am looking for on this particular barrel: -24" same dia. and profile as the factory barrel. -Chrome-Moly -Threaded 14-1 LH threads. -1:10 ROT -Chambered for M118LR Special Ball ammo. Everything else I can do myself. Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated as well. Thanks to everyone for your time and I am looking forward to hearing from you.