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    Heck yeah... I'd take a crack at assembling one of these from my unmodified S12. Unmodified trigger group that is. Everything on my S12 has been fitted for disassembling back into the imported hunting configuration... Still no activity on their website.
  2. Geesh, my 12 ga Saiga (factory trigger group), just started doing this last outing I went on a couple of weeks ago. The gun is just over a year old now. I *might* have less than 300 rounds through it. Seems like ever since I replaced the front handguard, I've had some sort of cycling issues,,, including fte's. *sigh* My bolt and hammer face are polished, so drag isn't an issue. I don't what else to do.
  3. I'll take 986... Thanks Mike!
  4. Can't wait for mine to get here! I ordered back in February... hard to keep the extra cash in the account when there's SO much to buy
  5. just got my T6 stock in - fits great!

  6. Just HOW good is Carolina Shooters Supply? I'll tell you. I ordered late Saturday night and FORGOT completely about using the Discount Code when I placed my order. :dollar: I mean, I've been pouring over this entire site for over a week now, made my list of "immediate" 922r compliance parts, (just to start with). During all the excitement I about starting my S-12 mods I FORGOT to enter the Discount Code when I ordered. duh. Anyway, talk about feeling stupid, TWO DAYS later I remember I could have saved 5%. So, I wrote a quick email to CSS telling them how much of an idio
  7. I am SO stupid. I forgot to even LOOK here for a code! Considering that I still need to move my trigger, and a few other alterations, I WILL remember. I will remember. I will remember... UPDATE: Greg just emailed me with a refund... man! What a sweet deal! Thanks CSS! I'll be back - again, and again, and again!
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