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  1. winchester super x are real accurate through my s12.
  2. +1 on turning the plug out the extra 360 deg if 3 is the first setting you get when bottomed out. my tromix wont fire che@p lo@ds on setting 3 unless i go the extr@ 360. i think the ports are slightly blocked when the plug is bottomed out @ setting 3 (gunfixers)
  3. wow.im drooling. i have been waiting for something like this ever since i retired the halo quad in favor of the chaos ex-quad. very nice indeed. when can we buy some and how much are you projecting they will cost???
  4. lets not forget the fact that the street sweeper is a revolver.i think this is what actually scares them. no tracabale evidence left behind = the perfect weapon for committing crimes . i think that makes them seem a little extra destructive in many peoples eyes.
  5. I have seen a notable increase in the amount of rounds i can fire before puck fouling begins to hinder cycling. i also second the fact that the crud flakes off very easily from the recessed areas in the twister puck. however, i would still like to try the ka puck. the consensus seems to be that the ka is the best.....
  6. does anyone know where i could score a new rear peep sight for my halo?? could anyone make me one?? i dont even run the halo anymore, but i would like to have it runnable if possible. any ideas are greatly appreciated thanks in advance
  7. loosening the screws on an agp mag fixes the symptom not the problem. the problem area in the agp mags are the rails where the high brass portion of the shell rides. sanding or scraping a conservative 16th of an inch from these areas makes them run 100% and you can keep your screws nice and tight. while you are in there, smooth up any areas that have excess plastic left by the molding process (including seams on the follower). i highly recommend this mod to anyone running agp magazines. all 13 of mine run flawlessly now and my bottle of graphite is gathering dust on the back shelf.
  8. the patterning thread on this page has a link to a youtube vid that shows some pretty impressive patterns with the rio buck through a saiga12.
  9. agp mags work great, but i have never had one (i have 13 btw) that didnt need to be disassembled and sanded down to work perfect with all loads. some of them fed low brass fine but couldnt keep up with the bolt using high brass untill i did some sanding/scraping on the rails where the high brass portion of the shell ride. takes about 10 minutes per mag to make them run flawless. never tried surefire mags, but i think the agp's feed as well as the factory mags, although they are less durable (hence should be considered less reliable) than the russian mags. if you want the best, the russian 8 r
  10. thanks for taking the time to do this. informative and much appreciated
  11. great job! i cant seem to find the thread right now, but not too long ago, someone recommended using a (mill?) instead of a drill bit to eliminate rough edges inside the barrel that can collect shavings of plastic from the wad. seemed like a pretty good idea to me. if anyone remembers exactly what the bit in that thread was called feel free to refresh my memory.
  12. pads are for pussies....according to stayfree.com
  13. yes. they are all like that. i am curious to hear how those huge ports work out for you. mostly interested in how many rnds you can shoot before fouling the gas system. i think tromix made alot of sbs's with only 1 enormous port.
  14. that looks awesome bob. i really like the butt. lol i just realized that i have your gun as my screen saver :lolol:now it looks like i gotta update it....
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