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  1. Easy way to gain an appreciation for the 2nd ammenent would be to throw someone in a cage with a cougar and a .357. Of course liberals probably taste bad so the cougar might try to grow thumbs and use the .357 on itself to get away from the liberal.
  2. If it's the real deal, I will take it. PM your paypal address to me. Thanks.
  3. You have the mike's part number on it? Trying to figure out which one this is. Horizontal or vertical mount?
  4. Tried to do it on my DPMS LR308, the entire upper/lower is longer though (longer BCG for the .308 round???). It would mate up but the trigger is too far forward to work. If you have a descent brake for the .308 it won't punish you that bad.
  5. Those Russian's must have small hands. Don't feel bad, getting that silly spring in was the hardest part of my conversion.
  6. Agreed, just wondering if they have two possible designs coming out, w/ or w/o conversion. Seems like a lot of tooling cost to just test its recoil capacity when they can put a regular SSAK47 kit on it.
  7. Is that saiga 12 in the test video unconverted? Trigger group just seems far back.
  8. Obi-one to ATF, "These are not the AK's you are looking for."
  9. EDIT: I am closing this sale due to rumors of a drum friendly magwell. Thanks to all that looked.
  10. SALE CLOSED FOR TIME BEING. THANKS. Note: Please watch the video that Mike has provided describing the Type A and B filing needed to fit to your gun. The gun is not included or for sale. I would also recommend looking into your local gun laws to ensure that you are allowed high capacity magazines. Ignorance is no excuse in the eyes of the law!
  11. Maybe I missed this discussion, but I saw in the vids that you can just slap a mag in there and not have to lock the bolt back. Do you have to do any reprofiling of the bolt to insert it like that on a closed bolt? Almost worth it for that feature. Took a defensive shotgun class and got decent at putting a loaded mag in on a closed bolt, but it's far from easy. Any magwells left for sale in the first batch?
  12. The prices above are reasonable, really all depends on what materials are available. Having a solid bolt assembly without the threaded rod piece. Mine already has a little bit of a wiggle. Can you do different charging handles? Machined surfaces to aid in closed bolt mag changes? All possible add ons.
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