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  1. Thx for the input guys. Which leads to another question: How do south-african firearms end up in the hands of the Ukraine military ? BRGDS, A
  2. Hi guys. Anibody know what gun the fat guy is toting ? Picture comes from Ukraine. BRGDS, A
  3. People sometimes put their gun down and then can't find it anymore. Happens all the time in the military :-) Very cool find BTW ! BRGDS, A
  4. What an idiot. ALWAYS check ANY gun you handle. Even if you just saw the person who gave it to you check it. Now he's sueing somebody else for his own stupidity ... BRGDS, A
  5. Had one, sold it for a nice price as they are getting scarce. Unfortunately the blade is not as sturdy as it looks. BRGDS, A
  6. They don't fit the AK. Purely a fantasy piece. Good pocketknife though. BRGDS, A
  7. No man (or woman for that matter) who has not been in the military services should be allowed to become comander in chief of the US armed forces ... Sounds logical to me ... BRGDS, A
  8. I've had it bad in both feet. Meds helped for a while but it always came back ... Acupuncture got rid of it for me. BRGDS, A
  9. I don't think the Russians will export anything military for a while ... BRGDS, A
  10. I hate to say it, but you guys elected him ... Twice. No offence ment. BRGDS, A
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