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  1. stlS12

    BEWARE of Carolina Shooter's Supply!!!

    css is truly a joy to order from. he must have an office at usps.. lol.
  2. stlS12

    MD Drums shipping

    got mine today. fitted in about 10 mins or less and they are as tight as... well fill that in yourself. thanks mike and keep up the good work.
  3. stlS12

    MD Drums shipping

    i am patiently waiting because judging from the reviews of this drum it is proven. keep up the good work mike.
  4. stlS12

    Tac-Light and other accessories

    i am new to the community also. i got my saiga and converted it myself. that utg has not failed me with close to 1000 rounds through it. i studied this board and must say that these guys know their stuff.
  5. stlS12

    How many holes?

    i got you and i will not panic because with the help of people like you i know that this firearm will be eating shells like me at the buffet. lol
  6. stlS12

    How many holes?

    thanks man. i was just wondering if the issue was with the holes being covered totally or not seeing them. cause i can't see them but the paper clip goes in to the barrel with ease.
  7. stlS12

    How many holes?

    If you have a 3 holer you should be ok. Just run the heavier bulk birdshot (ie 1 oz or 1 1/8, not the 7/8 oz) and stay away from winchester from wal-mart. The federal from wal-mart is fine though. Take it to the range, shoot it and if it doesn't cycle birdshot on #2 setting then worry about it thanks for the reply. i will be shooting it next week.
  8. stlS12

    How many holes?

    hey guys... i have a 3 holer that i can see one hole and can get the other 2 with a paperclip just fine... should that be ok or should i send it in. o i have not fired it yet.
  9. stlS12

    MD20 Ammo Table Guide - PDF attached!

    thanks for the info. i am waiting on my MD20 to ship.
  10. stlS12

    Tromix S-17 & MD-20 in Small Arms Review Magazine

    i just got this magazine and it has me so stoked about my conversion. i only have some of my parts so far but the meat is on its way.