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  1. See "False dicotomy" But nice try. Care to try any other straw men?
  2. He didn't have to fun raise, he just got congress to pass his budget. I hope you enjoyed 8 years of funding terrorists as much as I did.
  3. Thank god-particle our prior president arrested / deported them all. *scoff* No defending zero, just pointing out that the bush was no better.
  4. I assume you hold the same low opinion of those in the firearm community that collect WWII weapons from all sides?
  5. And who would deploy it? The last president that looked in putie's eyes and saw a good man, started nation building to give freedom to evil that hated us and murdered ~3k of us in one shot -costing the lives of how many thousands of Honorable US Servicemen, called off the hit on OBL, labled evil "Religion of Peace", declared war on US rights, and hell, even backed down on the NAME of the nation building project? And I don't even need to get into the current failure in chief.
  6. You are, with all respect mistaken. We (the USA) don't even qualify for the top 10 free markets.
  7. I will not cast a vote for a party that stands with this president, so the democrats and republicans are out. I'll be voting Libertarian. So you'll be voting for the draft dodging, Cuomo supporting, RJF loving nut case? To each his own *shrug*
  8. Terror sells papers and gives politicians openings. Avoid the tinfoil hat stuff and get on with your lives.
  9. If they're consistently willing to do this sort of thing on cam. It makes me wonder what happens off camera.
  10. With all respect, if you don't believe the way gun owners (and shooters) are portrayed on TV affects legislation, that "affects our daily lives" you haven't been paying attention sir.
  11. I recommend 6", but whatever you settle on, if the above is your goal, be sure the EXACT gun is on the CA list (down to bbrl length and finish). Otherwise, you might run into some trouble.
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