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  1. Still on occasionally. converted a 7.62 just recently. Probably last of the saigas I’ll be able to own. Other options are available but I miss the days of the $200 7.62 and 12 guage.
  2. Occasionally pop in. Just converted my 7.62 last spring, so much valuable information on this site. The McUzi days were something else.
  3. If you are doing target only, there is the ruger charger, 10/22, lots of aftermarket options for triggers, barrels, and magazines.
  4. Lots of options on trigger groups. Volquartsen has quite a history. Kidd also does an exceptional trigger group. I ended up going with the Timney. Crisp, clean break. One issue potentially withe the Timney though is the extended magazine release, some stocks will bind up on it. Keep us posted on the build!
  5. I'm not a lawyer but unless you are specifically part of an nfa trust to which the sbr is owned, no touchy.
  6. This was what I found. http://apps.leg.wa.gov/rcw/default.aspx?cite=9.41.190 What I take from that is you can now legally own an sbr, but you can't build one, can't loan it to anyone, still have to pay the fed tax stamp and application paperwork. Still can't have full auto or an sbs.
  7. Put a Kidd barrel on my charger, that thing is more accurate than I will ever be.
  8. I love mine. Shoots anything I load it with. Great shooting and reliable, go for it!
  9. Been on the forum for a while. I didn't see this mentioned recently but I have seen a several books where characters are using Saigas. The Monster Hunters International series by Larry Correia is one. I just started another series by John Ringo called Under a Graveyard Sky which also has characters using Saigas. Anyone know of any others?
  10. Kind of ironic that $300 was about what I paid for my s12 years ago. At the time I would have never anticipated what the market would do.
  11. I would also suggest looking at the Ruger. I have an sr22, shoots everything I put thru it. A lot easier to clean than my old mark II. Revolver is the reliable. If you want something really accurate in a semi auto, consider the Ruger Charger. The 10/22 action is one of the best, in pistol form, it's a hoot!
  12. Nice to see quality producers and innovators finding success. As an owner of some of your products, I will continue to look to your company for future purchases.
  13. That's a nasty bimaleolar fracture. Most of the ones I've seen like that were from motorcycle accidents.
  14. Used to clean toilets for the Coast Guard, now I just work mainly with pumps.
  15. You picked the exact worst time in US history to start looking for a gun to purchase. Start in the "wts/wtb" section in this forum, you might get lucky. Some folks have had luck at local pawn shops as well.
  16. Less of a gripe, more of an observation on human nature and perceived supply/demand. As for contacting my local politician, already done.
  17. Apparently there were three or four guys that camped out the night before the show opened and bought something like $75,000 worth of 5.55/.223 ammunition as soon as they opened. Pretty wild.
  18. Walking around at the gunshow in Reno, saw one unmodified s-12 going for $995.00. As soon as I saw the price I started giggling, had to walk away. My brother looked at me and said, "Didn't you pay like $250 or something for yours?" Those folks at the gunshow are just blatantly trying to soak the panic-buyers for every penny they can. Kinda just disgusted with the whole thing. I didn't see any kind of real deals and no one wanted to bargain. Don't think I'll ever go to another one. I wonder if other gun show goers ended with similar intent?
  19. Love the 10/22. You can get ammunition anywhere, and can carry a lot of it. You can also customize it to your heart's content. Great choice for someone just starting out to learn the basics of shooting on.
  20. As stated previously in this thread, contact Tromix before you start posting. If after that, you are unsatisfied with the outcome, then take it to a public forum if you must. Do realize though, you will find yourself in the minority with your dissatisfaction with Tony's products.
  21. When I bought mine, most of the options we have now didn't exist. Granted that the total cost for both was less than 500 all totaled up. Still believe I would have done it again. Regardless of how they are dressed up, the basic premise remains the same, tough, dead-nuts reliable semi-automatic requiring very little maintenance to remain that way.
  22. The first mod I did to my Charger was a Timney trigger. It is amazing plus it has the magazine release lever built in. You could easily spend a lot of money on upgrades but as others have already stated, shoot the crap out of it, then decide what you really need.
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