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  1. 1200 everything 1000 no sig light or case (drum still with it)
  2. I bought this from NMGUNRUNNERS on Gunsamerica Fully converted Saiga 12 Gauge, The barrel is threaded and has the original barrel nut.The Length is 18.5 inches total. We have tested these weapons with various ammunitions and had no failures. This shotgun is 922r compliant with the use of the original magazine. It features a Tapco T6 Stock, Tapco G2 single hook trigger group with bolt hold open, ATI knurled pistol grip, and Intrafuse Saiga Handguard by Tapco. This shotgun was converted, sandblasted, parkerized, and duracoated a Matte Black. It comes in the original box with the original access
  3. Yup. Took out spring and dust cover etc... didn't touch trigger or hammer. Still need to put back together though and I will need to find a few pictures because I'm not sure how it went together.
  4. Got it on. Only 3 hours or so of hell. Now to figure out how to put this thing back together. As I said earlier...I'm really not mechanical.
  5. I have the Tapco T-6. I removed it to look and it's obvious that I would need additional parts to use the enidine tube. Not sure what or wher to get though?
  6. Thanks for the encouragement..but I am not that patient. Will have to walk away for now
  7. Can I put the enidine shot shock product with a Tapco 6 position stock or do I need to buy another stock?
  8. Been playing with for over an hour. Gonna take a break now before it gets thrown thru a wall. Sure wish I had a dental pick. Paperclips, tweezers etc.. not working
  9. Like I said I am not at all mechanical. I tend to get frustrated and break things. Will this happen again and if so is there a permanent fix?
  10. New to the Saiga club and I have only shot 40 or 50 rounds thru so far. The bolt hold open is not sticking out anymore and it feels like NO spring is attached. To say I am 'mechanically challenged" would be a huge understatement and I am afraid I cannot fix it myself. I keep looking at it but not sure I should touch it.... I'm in Northern Indiana 1/2 way between Chicago and Toledo. Any saiga gunsmiths close?
  11. I have Sig Stop Light on mine. No problems except for it's huge.
  12. Thanks Mike. Ordered at you shipped yesterday. i will have today. Incredible. Only problem is getting home before wife so she doesn't say anything about "more gun crap"
  13. Thanks for the advice. Where would I get that done?
  14. Bought this gun for self defense on advice of attorney. It has Tapco stock, pistol grip and a SIG Stop light front hand grip. Just want to keep better on target and shoot faster. Don't plan on using often with less than a size 4 shot. Any thoughts on getting mercury tube in tapco and then putting Kickeez pad on end? How about muzzle brake? Thanks for input so far.
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