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  1. Looking for a clean side plate for a Scope removed from a Saiga 7.62x39 or 5.45x39. Thanks
  2. Happy Birthday man!

  3. This is the real Miss America. Four female crew members in the C5 Galaxy Box Offce, not the Cockpit.
  4. Because of all the events happening its surfacing again. Buts thats a good thing just to make people aware. Now we know this have been happening for YEARS. People have to be reminded, and informed.
  5. Take out the whole compound. You have to kill the seeds also, or they might grow into stronger Trees.
  6. Anyone here live close to the Catskills Mountains ????? These guys are your neighbors.
  7. Thanks. Yeah, we have to stack up before they drop the steel curtain.
  8. You know, I was thinking about that. I have a few NFA items registered with ATF. If shit hits the fan they will probably have a team at every home that own NFA items under house arrest. Sometimes I think I made the wrong decession by getting into the NFA Hobby. Great way to trick us into registering our weapons.
  9. Dont give my son any more ideas, the Ball might fly all over the range after he hits it. After he shot the Token, he wanted to try a Dime. I told him its a federal crime to de face US currency.
  10. Good to hear about you and Derek. Comon back to Palm Beach, you know its year round Golf here. Its just that you have such a great training and testing area in Louisisana for your Guns, right outside your front door.
  11. Nice clean looking build. Like it.
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