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  1. Autoburst http://www.hitechammotogo.com/html/specialized_gun_accessories.html
  2. Hey guys thanks for the input, its been a while and I don't exactly remember where I got it from. Here are a couple pics of the top and side if that helps. Datrowl- yea I def don't mind the recoil its the quicker follow up shots I'm after.
  3. So I threaded my barrel and installed a muzzle brake and the only thing I noticed is it is louder. Plain and simple, is there a muzzle brake out there that will minimize muzzle rise? I don't care what it looks like or how much it cost.
  4. I got the #1 kit and I didnt have an option of nato or warsaw. I just measured it and it is the warsaw. I wish I would of known there were different lenths. I really cant even shoot it until I get something different,its that bad.
  5. I got the conversion kit from CSS and opted for the AK stock mainly because thats all Ive used. Im not bagging on CSS cuz there parts were great but does anybody else think that stock is almost useless? Im not a big dude but the thing is so short its almost impossible to shoot. Just curious on other opinions.
  6. So unfortunally I havent spent as much time with my beloved 7.62 as Ive wanted to until now. I just converted her and have been putting quite a few rounds through her and now have her broke down for a cleaning. My question is are the bolt and bolt support suppose to be all stainless color or natural black. When Im cleaning it, it seems like it stripping the black off rather than cleaning it off(if that makes sense). All Im using is clp, can anyone shed some light for me? Thanks
  7. Anybody know how deep this is threaded?
  8. Thanks guys. I installed the bullet guide a week after I had the gun so thats not a problem. Moving the FCG and adding a pg is a definite but I for sure cannot use the original stock? Sorry guys I guess Im just being cheap.
  9. Are there any kits out there that dont require changing the stock?
  10. So I finally decided I want to convert and had a couple of questions. Like alot of people these days Im on a budget and was wondering who offers the cheapest kit that requires the least amount of modification? I dont mind grinding/drilling rivets out but I really dont want to cut the receiver. Ive looked at the CSS kits but there are literally 17 different ones. Also, do I need to change stocks if I do the conversion? Any info is appreciated.
  11. First off: Thanks all for the t6 input. Second: I havent broke the law nor do I intend to do so. If you would of read the post correctly my question is do you think someone like a forest ranger would know the difference between a convereted and unconverted?
  12. I really just wanted feedback on the t6 but fig I'd throw that question out there too. I have 1 surefire and 3 hung. mags and I know the t6 will put me close with the surefire but i plan on using them all. So i guess my real question is if the t6 is really that uncomfortable to shoot?
  13. I'm wanting to get a pistol grip along with an adjustable stock but really dont want to convert. I've read all the negatives but has anybody used the t6 and been happy with it? Also, and I'm sure I'll get shit for this but if I only shoot deep in the woods and not at a range do you really think if I encounter a ranger he will know by looking at my 7.62 that I'm not in compliance?
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