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  1. A gun that has ports that are too small to cycle weak low brass ammo with the factory plug on two won't cycle it with any plug. No plug will give you more gas. It just reduces the gas to cycle higher power loads without battering the gun up.
  2. .073 ish on mine. Opening them up to .093 cured every problem the gun had.
  3. You don't need a press or the rivet jig for that. Sign up over at gunco on the ak-47 BIY section. They'll set you straight . Pretty much all you need is a converted bolt cutter and a round face punch and hammer. A dremel for the cuts.
  4. Please define "damage" to the rear trunnion. I have several AK's and I'm pretty sure they all strike the rear trunnion.
  5. Something tells me he's in Ca... Am I right? Am I right???? I think that if he were in California he wouldnt have a problem finding something. If I were to move to California would wouldnt do shit to my guns. Just saying.
  6. Throw it where it belongs. In the trash.
  7. How do i find what the laws are in my state? I cant find anything anywhere... What state are you in?
  8. James Bardwell was a God among men. His work back in the Ed Owens days laid a lot of foundation for what we're legally able to do with guns today. Having said that a lot of it is dated what with the expiration of the 94 ban and is wide open to being reinterpreted by the current head of the tech branch. I havent seen anything From James for at least 5 or 6 years and I fear he may be retired or worse. Any other lawyers want to take up the torch?
  9. As in everything else. Your'e only in trouble if you get caught.
  10. I like Fords for their higher decks, better valve entry angle and better bore spacing. Much easier to build a large inch free breathing high deck small block with the Windsor platform even if you don't use a single OEM part in either the Chevy or the Ford. Problem is the 4 bolt per cylinder head gasket surface on the Fords tends to leak past the 900 or so Horsepower mark. Throw money at it and and go with an aftermarket high deck Chevy with Nascar heads and a good custom intake and you can wipe the smile off the Ford guys faces. I like AGP's better than Surefires. The Surefire 12 rounds need a better spring.
  11. Don't see anything there. Rifles do it all the time. Occasionally you'll see some weird letters from tech concerning shotguns because of their "sporting" exemption but Ive never heard that a welded on flash suppressor isnt Kosher on a shotgun. I'd have to see that letter. In any case a letter pretty much applies to the letter writer.
  12. Not everyone is in love with the drums. They make the gun difficult to move and shoulder and they don't take magnum shells. Do you want to be the guy in court when the attorney pulls out a converted Saiga 12 with a 20 round drum hanging from the bottom for the jury to see? Gonna feel kinda silly arent you? 9 rounds of 3 inch #4 are more than enough to finish the job in a HD situation.
  13. Surprise from England in the mail today
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